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Dishwashing beetle with nanotechnology eliminate contamination of water

Dishwashing beetle with nanotechnology Dishwashing beetle with nanotechnology is great It is given a name Mr. B supersonic little dishwashing beetle. This little dishwashing beetle product design comes to you as a great creation of Jinsoo Park. It is a new product design that comes to complement your kitchen area. this dishwashing comes in unique yet minimalist design. it comes in white color and red color available you will love… Read More »

Cooking table design in small and simple design with great function

Cooking table design in Cooking table design in is great It is called cooking table. It is a table for cooking and also for eating. This cooking table design is called induction cooking table. This cooking table is designed by LDI Aramis Herrera. This cooking table comes in small and simple design with great function. It comes in white color theme with chairs in red you will love Cooking table… Read More »

nanoscale self organizing robots for kitchen life in the future 04.30.11

nanoscale self organizing robots nanoscale self organizing robots is great This great new product is designed to complete your kitchen furniture with modern stuff theme. It is a faucet that is designed in digital style. It is also designed in beautiful white color theme. This great innovation is name Living kitchen. This great product is designed by a famous designed called Michael Harboun you will love nanoscale self organizing robots

future kitchen hideaway replace traditional kitchen designed by Daniel Dobrogorsky

future kitchen hideaway replace future kitchen hideaway replace is great Here is a new innovation of cooking activity. This innovation is designed by Daniel Dobrogorsky. It is produced in a unique shape and a modern color theme. Released in black color domination, this robotic looks great luxury. This set is called kitchen hideaway. This set will allow you to go into what food prep might be like in the future.… Read More »

impressing Water weigh scale system using Archimedes principle 02.17.11

This impressing technology is called as water weighs. You may use precious and energy wasting metal in the construction for a scale.this water weigh has ability on creating water scale using Archimedes principle. This water weight is designed in a great way. This product has a unique working system where placing the object to weight on the scale plate. Then the object sinks into the water. The way the object… Read More »

round kitchen countertop or small circular bar is ergonomic and stunning look 01.31.11

round kitchen countertop from PEDINI is very beatiful and functional. It could become a new trend in kitchen design, since the super ergonomic technology for a stunning look and a small circular bar, which gives an enormous amount of opportunities. Can you imagine when you can get your stove, shelves, fridge, cutting board and other necessary things to cook without stepping? You May Love:Circular bar, kitchen bars

nano coated ergonomic kitchen use force of gravity technology by Valcucine kitchen 01.19.11

this ergonomic kitchen called “Logica System” manufactured by Valcucine. And Valcucine presented this “New Logica” that features several kitchen technologies and new ideas such as force of gravity. we can opened and closed the door in wall unit only by the force of gravity.

automatic kitchen concept with technology called claytronics contains millions of tiny robots 10.22.10

When you look at the images below, I am showing a automatic kitchen concept from being a real product, but a kitchen, maybe closer than you think. The kitchen in the images below have uses a technology called claytronics. The material contains millions of tiny robots that to stay in the situation and communicate with each other.

appliances for kitchen must be chosen carefully

appliances for kitchen must be chosen carefully, because if they do not meet your needs, become frustrated. Would like to kitchen tools to make your lifestyle simple and uncomplicated. Having advanced kitchen tools are no longer considered a luxury, but they have become our needs, because they help to make our lives trouble-free and comfortable. You May Love:kitchen, kitchen pictures, kitchen images, tools and new equipment in kitchen, new kitchens