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20 astonish backsplash designs for great home interior design ideas

green design sustainable design environmentally friendly material durable and recyclable 4.7.10

For some, design is something to do with trends. Opinion is not entirely wrong, because it shows the progress of design development of a civilization. Almost the same position with the art. However, the design is really a means to improve the quality of human life. So, long before the green design, the designers have to really work that needed to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means that designs… Read More »

Contemporary kitchen design dominated by wood color theme

It’s a lovely kitchen design with soft color theme. This lovely kitchen design is given a name contemporary kitchen design. this contemporary kitchen design is designed by Kim Duffin. This contemporary kitchen design comes as one of the Australia’s most awarded designers. It is fulfilled by wood material and is dominated by wood color theme. This contemporary kitchen design is suitable for those who love minimalist design and maximalist theme.

Giorgio Armani Calyx kitchen with long modern lines and bold flat accent 04.26.11

Giorgio Armani Calyx kitchen Giorgio Armani Calyx kitchen is great Here is a kitchen designed called Giorgio Armani’s Calyx kitchen. This kitchen design offers you a slick and glossy design with long modern lines and bold flat accent. It is merely a simple kitchen design. It is also simple on the color splashed to the overall part of the kitchen area. But, it has a huge function you will love… Read More »

Amazing Ekokook kitchen with Water and Waste Management System by Faltazi

Amazing Ekokook kitchen with Amazing Ekokook kitchen with is great if you are dreaming of a modern kitchen that has a complete water and waste management system, we recommend you to choose The Ekokook futuristic kitchen by Fatalzi. Why? Because it can bring an innovative shift to the storage and processing of waste and liquid in your kitchen. Isn’t that amazing? You can reduce your ecological footprint and enhance the… Read More »

Modern eco fridge with solar energy hangs on the external wall 03.29.11

An interesting kitchen product is now released for you all. This Modern eco fridge with solar energy hangs on the external wall. This product is so cultural and is able to trigger off inspiration to design a product to be extension. As you know different place has different culture in case of window sill. For example in Chine the cool condition forces people to keep food outside the window to… Read More »

Eco friendly Plug is saving energy by Insic Wall Socket 03.28.11

Here is released for you all a great product innovation in term of electricity by Insic Wall Socket. This is an encouragement plug for environment. That is how it is called. This product is designed and is produced to be friendly. You can access the power by this plug. But this is not only functioning as that. What is more of this product? When you use this plug you are… Read More »

wooden kitchen furniture picture design from oak more stunning and warm 03.11.11

With the wooden kitchen furniture picture design of wooden kitchen with sturdy oak external heat treated, this view seems the kitchen could make your place much more more stunning and warm. Select a model number of modern kitchen design with accents of all units with contrasting colors to produce a more dramatic look.

The most unique fridge of bent sitting in the world with simple color theme 03.2.11

Here is a new product design called as fridge of Bent sittings. This product design help you to prepare yourself for the strangest concept in refrigeration. This bent sitting use a concept called Membrane. You can sue this sitting fpr a refrigerator that is flexible. What an amazing sitting design it is! You know, this product can keep cool the items you need. This view is not entirely the exact… Read More »

Unique Spoon for all seasons to measure different portions by Yeonghwa Kim 03.1.11

This is really an amazing product ever in this world. It is so amazing! It is so great! It is so wonderful. This product is called spoon for all seasons. This is also called a clever spoon since it is really a nifty tool. You can also give your comment about it. And, you will realize how wonderful it is. It is easy to use this spoon.

One liter limited faucet the newest technology for your kitchen furniture 02.28.11

Water flow is one of the important thing for your kitchen design. Choosing the right item for your water flow is the most important thing when you design a kitchen. This one liter limited faucet is introduced and offered to you to make your life ease and perfect. This has advantages on the elegant test tube and holding exactly one liter of water. This faucet also gives you ease in… Read More »