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cutting board sanitizer uses UV system kill microbes by Chang Shin Gwak

What a great product it is! This microbes free kitchen thingies is the newest technology released for this modern era. This product is designed by Chang Shin Gwak. This product has ability to clean dishcloths and kitchen cutting boards. The way it works is by scrubbing it with an ordinary dish-soap. The next step is then boiling the dishcloth in soap and disinfectant water.

The rounded design on the dining side kitchen island

The rounded design on the dining side kitchen island is a brilliant idea allowing for conversation between individuals sitting at the island. Seating for four, pendant lighting, a prep sink, and an enormous marble counter top – this kitchen island has it all. thats kitchen design ideas. You May Love:kitchen islands with seating

Two levels slab of granite in black and brown colors

Two levels slab of granite in black and brown colors are better than one. Upper level has a granite marker placed at a height of the bar to provide a dining area. This slab also acts as a cap for a half wall. Down from the bar are granite-covered work and food preparation areas. Black and brown colors in the granite is mixed with wood cabinetry and equipment mid-tone black.… Read More »

from white to brown to black color of small kitchen

from white to brown to black color of small kitchen available you’ll easily find a granite to match your kitchen cabinets. Because granite is a solid material and the colors and patterns run completely through, it is ideal for use with undermounted sinks. thats kitchen design ideas. You May Love:small white kitchen

Amazing Modular Kitchen German take one square meter for very Small Kitchen 01.18.11

Do not worry with your small space, Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt kitchen designer from german has created modular kitchen. the prototypes of modular kitchen published on DMY International Design Festival 2010. They try to solve how to placed kitchen in to small spaces without losing anything.

durable kitchen furniture contemporary modern kitchen by Ernestomeda 01.09.11

Do you want to have durable kitchen furniture for your modern kitchen? Just see this stainless steel kitchen cabinets. This kichen look contemporary and kitchen furniture looks very stylish and modern. No wonder these kitchens are very popular because durable, environmentally friendly, stain and corrosion resistant. You May Love:modern kitchens, modern furniture

minimalist simple shapes straight lines and Cobalt Finish Kitchen Design By Scic 12.30.10

This year, SCIC has a new minimalist simple shapes kitchen with the best straight lines features of CICS collections in total. This area attracts attention with its minimalist design and unusual surfaces. As with most minimalist kitchen, without handles and characterization of simple shapes and straight lines.

Curved Kitchen Island with Transparent glass table from Record Cucine 12.16.10

Curved Kitchen Island from Record Cucine offers has Transparent glass table. Transparent glass table is on beside of the Curved Kitchen island, so you can enjoy eating while the other cooking. Venere is a modern design, which in recent times with the ergonomically shaped island, which could dramatically improve the time from the kitchen daily.