Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas Two Tone Color

By | May 9, 2010

two tone kitchen design ideas

remodeling kitchen cabinets – Cabinet refacing kitchen ideas with two tone color can give it visual harmony and interest, and keep one color from becoming overwhelming or bland. If you’re refacing your kitchen cabinets and you want a look that can bring depth and texture to your kitchen, consider two-tone kitchen cabinets.

What are Two Tone Kitchens? Multi-colored or two-tone kitchens contain two or more colors paired together on the kitchen cabinetry. In some designs, a kitchen island will be painted or stained a different color than the rest of the kitchen. In other designs, a contrasting color will be placed on the crown molding or in accent areas. The goal is to add interest to the color pallete of the kitchen.

two tone kichen cabinet design

two tone kichen design ideas

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