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Contemporary Kitchen contrasted by cabinetry in black make comfort to cook 10.30.10

Tisettanta creates a new contemporary kitchen in order to give ideal for dedicated for cooking. The contemporary kitchen design has precisely the right place for each kitchen implement. Every piece of tableware in this design is fundamental to the Soya kitchen’s modern design. The kitchen has visual impression which is one of sleek modernity stainless steel storage units. Overall are contrasted by additional fabulous cabinetry in black. You can slide… Read More »

the Opera kitchen design is from Tomassi Cucine serve the art of cooking 10.25.10

Tomassi Cucine creates a wonderful European kitchen with artistic touch for your really living in the Opera kitchen design. Expanses nuance of beautiful island grained natural wood form the focus of this contemporary European kitchen. This design wonderfully curved island which is combined with the strength of linear storage units and practical places for appliances. Tomassi Cucine uses his own technical skill of design and pure creativity in the kitchen… Read More »

automatic kitchen concept with technology called claytronics contains millions of tiny robots 10.22.10

When you look at the images below, I am showing a automatic kitchen concept from being a real product, but a kitchen, maybe closer than you think. The kitchen in the images below have uses a technology called claytronics. The material contains millions of tiny robots that to stay in the situation and communicate with each other.

anti bacterial kitchen contains Silver nano-particles for white future kitchen 10.20.10

Germophobics its time to abandon the hand sanitizer. The S-008 Solo Hanex surface anti bacterial kitchen work is designed for all those pesky germs to destroy the plague us mortals.

Compact kitchen in small cube design for tiny apartment with electric stove microwave 10.19.10

This kit – Cub design kitchen furniture is something that Picasso would be proud. But we will move by Cubism, on the kitchen table, dice and very practical. The kit – Cub is very compact, but it depends what you need your kitchen: electric stove, microwave, sink, cutting table, refrigerator and plenty of storage space. You May Love:tiny apartment, compact apartment design

black and white kitchen meet in 19 inch LCD flat screen TV and a digital tuner vent 10.16.10

Technology and the need is great, when they are combined to make our lives better. Faber has a nice touch to the modern black and white kitchen with everything, or almost. The Imago is an elegant, modern meet in a 19-inch LCD flat screen TV and a digital tuner vent. The system also provides Internet, video telephony, on revenues edge, media player and a USB port for expanded capabilities.