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nano coated ergonomic kitchen use force of gravity technology by Valcucine kitchen 01.19.11

this ergonomic kitchen called “Logica System” manufactured by Valcucine. And Valcucine presented this “New Logica” that features several kitchen technologies and new ideas such as force of gravity. we can opened and closed the door in wall unit only by the force of gravity.

New Wooden Kitchen make warm and friendly by Valcucine 1.1.11

Valcucine Italian company always surprises and amazes us with his concept of New Wooden kitchen. wooden kitchen You see not only very nice results, but also very nice that they created a stir. This cuisine may be surrounded by a warm and friendly and close to nature. Each new kitchen is a step in the production kitchen.

Recyclable Kitchen less waste of resources and energy by Valcucine 11.28.10

Materials Recyclable Kitchen less waste of resources and energy, steam and remove heat. Valcucine has an innovative structure with basic units of glass, the second side wall, and the crystal is, the arrangement is clean, the light that created almost ethereal.

Rustic Kitchen Design with hygienic material by Valcucine 11.28.10

The material Rustic Kitchen Design is also hygienic and odorless, and also for food contact. High technology, formal simplicity, pure and essential lines are the main elements by Valcucine kitchen. Using the sustainable supply of photographic equipment is highly resistant to water, steam, heat and light. The design idea is to play with light and color to match the natural stone.

small kitchen apartment with gray color scheme or bright colors patterns 11.26.10

The playfulness small kitchen apartment of Valcucine Artematica Vitrum Arte Kitchen and Eggermann Memfizz Kitchen inspire those who appreciate the ease in their small kitchen apartment. The style itself is not doing too seriously – still a major visual impact on the user. The first picture in the kitchen Valcucine Artematica Vitrum Arte Kitchen, all kitchen cabinets and units to support the art. After all that we will be better… Read More »

Yellow and grey Kitchen with snack bar in recyclable wood by Artematica Vitrum 10.29.10

Your kitchen design will be completed with 100% recyclable kitchen? Valcucine introduces the vibrant Artematica Vitrum Yellow and grey Kitchen to bring you enjoy sunshine on a cloudy day. Artematica Vitrum Yellow Kitchen is made carefully thought to practicality, as well as the environment and the main materials used. Artematica Vitrum kitchen are made of totally recyclable wood, stainless steel, aluminum and glass. You May Love:grey and yellow kitchen

new Artematica Multiline Titanium Kitchen by Valcucine with the light reflecting panels 10.28.10

Inspired by an unparalleled material that awaits the future of the kitchen – the new Artematica Multiline Titanium Kitchen creates Valcucine. Collaborative research with Abet Laminati, finishing titanium terrible news has been made on an aluminum base. This fabulous finish offers a subtle iridescent effect of titanium without its serious defects: sensitivity to finger prints!

bright colors patterns style of kitchen and gray color scheme make visual impact 10.27.10

The extraordinary design of the Valcucine Artematica Vitrum Arte Kitchen and Eggersmann Memfizz Kitchen will fabulous those who value lightheartedness in their home lay-out. The style itself is not doing too seriously – still a major visual impact on the user. The first picture in the kitchen Valcucine Artematica Vitrum Arte Kitchen, all kitchen cabinets and units to support the art. After all that we will be better displayed in… Read More »

low environmental impact kitchens inspired by beauty of Javanese teak 10.24.10

Valcucine designs using high quality materials and high technology, are key elements of modern kitchens Artematica. Simple and clean lines and attention to creating sustainable, low environmental impact kitchens (with recycling of light elements) are Valcucine priorities. Artematica kitchen Kembali appearance, and the name is inspired by the beauty of Javanese teak. However Kembali kitchen is actually a multi-laminar wood to complete the contemporary look of steel and high gloss… Read More »

wooden kitchen that warm and cozy atmosphere closely with nature 8.11.10

Valcucine Italian companies are always surprises and surprising us with its original design the kitchen. Each new kitchen made by them is a step forward in the production kitchen. Its latest kitchen, Noce Tattile, is one more demonstration of that. For that designers have been rejected from time Valcucine synthetic varnishes and has selected these naturalness.

Ergonomic Kitchen Design features nano-coated surfaces scratch resistant

In 1996 Valcucine has started to produce a kitchen that is ergonomically, called “Logica Systems”. 80cm deep unit features equipped with rear, hood and head movements freed wall unit with doors that opened and closed with only gravity.