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Snaidero kitchen design has contrast shapes and materials in Kube 02.02.11

Bore with your old kitchen? Get fresh design for your kitchen, you shold know if this Snaidero kitchen design has just won a prize, Good Design Award, the prestigious competition in Chicago Athenaeum Design. Snaidero Design has been awarded, with Kube design, last Offredi innovative kitchen design, submitted by the company Eurocucina 2008.

round kitchen countertop or small circular bar is ergonomic and stunning look 01.31.11

round kitchen countertop from PEDINI is very beatiful and functional. It could become a new trend in kitchen design, since the super ergonomic technology for a stunning look and a small circular bar, which gives an enormous amount of opportunities. Can you imagine when you can get your stove, shelves, fridge, cutting board and other necessary things to cook without stepping? You May Love:Circular bar, kitchen bars

nano coated ergonomic kitchen use force of gravity technology by Valcucine kitchen 01.19.11

this ergonomic kitchen called “Logica System” manufactured by Valcucine. And Valcucine presented this “New Logica” that features several kitchen technologies and new ideas such as force of gravity. we can opened and closed the door in wall unit only by the force of gravity.

gleaming and glamorous kitchen with fluid sweeping workspaces by Fiamberti 11.04.10

Fiamberti creates kitchen design with fluid sweeping workspaces that give a dynamic cooking environment. The Rolly rounded kitchen by Fiamberti infuses movement and creativity. This kitchen help you cook up innovative dinners and decadent taste experiences in the gleaming and glamorous kitchen. Round form of this kitchen make the most of your kitchen space and be complementing your cooking style. The Rolly Kitchen allows you to make creatively transform your… Read More »

premium materials black granite and brushed aluminum Kitchen Porsche design with sleek design 10.11.10

This kitchen design is a great one that we offer to you. This kitchen design meets an equally famous car design studio. This kitchen design has advantages such as sleek design, premium materials like etched glass, black granite and brushed aluminum, remarkable strength, and ergonomics extensively studied. You May Love:kitchen black granite designs

U shape kitchen work flow effortlessly in small kitchen by Pedini 11.01.10

Pedini creates a unique kitchen design with its many features and functions. The rare U-shape of the new Integra Pedini Kitchen offers a totally logical solution to work with your own pattern of movement in the small kitchen. The new Integra U-shape Kitchen works with you and making you comfort to spend your spare time in the kitchen flow effortlessly. The last collection of U-shape kitchens by Pedini is a… Read More »

modern and luxury kitchen picture design trends

These picture of modern design and luxury kitchen trends features plenty of ideas of modern kitchen style through the use of various materials and contemporary design trends. There are a lot of different materials such as stainless steel, maple, glass, granite and many synthetic and alloy materials used in contemporary design. You May Love:modern kitchen

Modern European kitchen cabinet stylish look in your home

Modern European kitchen cabinet stylish look in your home when you update your kitchen cabinetry with a fresh and sleek European design. European kitchen cabinets is modern, energetic and functional. With the color and finish, it can add to the passion and drama to your home. You May Love:european kitchen design