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Contemporary Curve Kitchen with an integrated LED by Domina 12.31.10

We have reserved the Contemporary Curve Kitchen before and wants to show a beautiful collection of Kitchen Company – Domina. Unlike the others are gathered round enclosure with an integrated LED . These kitchens as opposed to if the curve is very nice and everyone will be surprised to find a journal of modern design.

minimalist simple shapes straight lines and Cobalt Finish Kitchen Design By Scic 12.30.10

This year, SCIC has a new minimalist simple shapes kitchen with the best straight lines features of CICS collections in total. This area attracts attention with its minimalist design and unusual surfaces. As with most minimalist kitchen, without handles and characterization of simple shapes and straight lines.

Romantic kitchen with LED integrated by Futura Cucine 12.29.10

This stainless steel surface is in perfect harmony with the plate integrated basin is very small. The work plan is more surprising and original in this kitchen. pine shelves LED integrated kitchen design has been brushed interior fresh and pleasant, or to create a romantic atmosphere. that is Romantic kitchen with LED integrated by Futura Cucine from hote-ls.com

The winner of IMM Cologne 2008 kitchen design use waterfall faucet fit 11.02.10

Leicht an extraordinary kitchen design with conveys a spirit of forward-looking modernity. The CONCEPT 40 is made by Leicht whit wide open spaces (the kitchen and living room are unified). A neatly closed wall arrangement of this kitchen creates a sense of uncluttered, calm, and perfect. The CONCEPT 40 is one of expansive and minimalist with its functionality of the kitchen. This kitchen is designed can be reveals itself, as… Read More »

new Artematica Multiline Titanium Kitchen by Valcucine with the light reflecting panels 10.28.10

Inspired by an unparalleled material that awaits the future of the kitchen – the new Artematica Multiline Titanium Kitchen creates Valcucine. Collaborative research with Abet Laminati, finishing titanium terrible news has been made on an aluminum base. This fabulous finish offers a subtle iridescent effect of titanium without its serious defects: sensitivity to finger prints!

automatic soap by placing your hand under the sensor soap pump 10.15.10

Next the world to automate more and more it is obvious that the bathroom and kitchen would be most important when it comes to hygiene. Simple man has some very innovative products and automatic soap is no exception. This soap dispenser contactless help prevent cross-contamination by simply placing your hand under the sensor soap pump automatically dispense soap.

eye-catching elements kitchen with LED Illumination from Toncelli creates a mood available in a range of finishes 9.9.10

an ultra modern kitchen from Toncelli creates a modern in Essential units from Toncelli packaged with exciting, eye-catching elements. this kitchen is characterized by an elegant linearity. we design this in two distinct areas of operation. we also divide the cooking with area in two. first is the multi functional store area and frying area at the wall unit.

ThinkGlass created personalize kitchen use glass kitchen countertops beautiful patterns

Unusual products from ThinkGlass created to personalize the design of the kitchen and make it very modern and practical. ThinkGlass proposed to use glass kitchen countertops are not the usual wood or stone. You May Love:kitchen countertops, beautiful kitchens, kitchen countertop ideas, glass kitchen countertops, glass countertops, glass kitchen, countertop ideas, beautiful countertops, unusual kitchens

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets contrast design gives a romantic atmosphere

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets by Futura Cucine Italian company named Asia. The top of the job is the most amazing and original of this kitchen. Luxury kitchen cabinets design for your modern home. You May Love:black and white kitchen cabinets, black kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, black and white kitchen, black and white cabinets, blue walls with white cabinets, kitchen cabinets black and white