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Future Kitchen Island with Remote Controlled faucet pops up as the cover by Ernestomeda 9.11.10

When clean-looking kitchen is as important as it is functional, the remote island controlled by smart Ernestomeda allows you to have cake and eat it too. Behind the stately facade of American walnut, the island was hiding on the shelf motor that opens to reveal the stainless steel sink and food preparation areas.

modern kitchen faucet furniture easy control temperature water named Tempdot 04.30.11

modern kitchen faucet furniture modern kitchen faucet furniture is great If you are looking for a great faucet for your great kitchen area, if you are looking for a modern faucet for your modern kitchen style, this dot will be the perfect solution for you all. This is a modern technology of faucet that is designed digitally working. This product can also give you all of temps in dot form.… Read More »

One liter limited faucet the newest technology for your kitchen furniture 02.28.11

Water flow is one of the important thing for your kitchen design. Choosing the right item for your water flow is the most important thing when you design a kitchen. This one liter limited faucet is introduced and offered to you to make your life ease and perfect. This has advantages on the elegant test tube and holding exactly one liter of water. This faucet also gives you ease in… Read More »

360 degree swivel spout kitchen faucet feel some spa sensation by gessi 02.10.11

If you want to feel some spa-sensation in your kitchen, we recommend you to use the I-Spa. It is a kitchen faucet that is designed by a famous Italian company: Gessi. It has a 360 degree swivel spout that enables us to maneuver it any way easily. By adding this beautiful kitchen faucet to your kitchen, you will feel easier to prepare meals for your family. Making breakfast, lunch, and… Read More »

unique sleek and shiny silver color kitchen faucet from Dornbracht Eno 02.08.11

when I try to figure out what kind of faucet will I want in the future, I would prefer something that’s sustainable, stylish and sleek: the Dornbracht Eno. The Dornbracht Eno is a new stylish kitchen faucet with extensible spray. This faucet will give a dynamic look to your kitchen. The silver color breaks your boring summer and turn it into a wonderful spring. The unique sleek and shiny design… Read More »

kitchen faucet is the main point of any new kitchen

kitchen faucet is the main point of any new kitchen and come in a number infinate style and finishing to suit your kitchen decor. Kitchen faucet serves to remove the hot and cold water to be used for washing hands or small objects such as food and dishes, and may include a spray feature to be used for faster rinsing.

double bowl kitchen sink and faucet one reason to buy kitchen sink 02.04.11

Do you think selecting and buying a kitchen sink is a relatively easy job? Maybe you really want double bowl kitchen sink and faucet. if you can get the right sink gives you the luxury of living peacefully. But if you get a bad one home and you will lose money and time. So how exactly do you pick a kitchen sink?

single handle kitchen faucet is hybrid flexible has LED-illuminating by paini 01.29.11

Do you want single handle kitchen faucet which flexibe? Or do you want to make your kitchen very trendy and fashionable? The hybrid flexible faucet Paini answer it with its futuristic design and flexible, which means that hybrids can be sprayed easily at any time. This single handle kitchen faucet also has a line of LED lighting that changes color depending on water temperature, which is surely as his guide.

Tapi making sink into a drinking fountain easy to install 12.03.10

TAPI is really cool making sink into a drinking fountain, you can easy to install a kitchen faucet with this additional functionality. When additional functionality, help and hope to create a style and atmosphere, good. Just press the bottom of the wall of water moves immediately to create a type of broad-band source.

The winner of IMM Cologne 2008 kitchen design use waterfall faucet fit 11.02.10

Leicht an extraordinary kitchen design with conveys a spirit of forward-looking modernity. The CONCEPT 40 is made by Leicht whit wide open spaces (the kitchen and living room are unified). A neatly closed wall arrangement of this kitchen creates a sense of uncluttered, calm, and perfect. The CONCEPT 40 is one of expansive and minimalist with its functionality of the kitchen. This kitchen is designed can be reveals itself, as… Read More »