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Future Kitchen Island with Remote Controlled faucet pops up as the cover by Ernestomeda 9.11.10

When clean-looking kitchen is as important as it is functional, the remote island controlled by smart Ernestomeda allows you to have cake and eat it too. Behind the stately facade of American walnut, the island was hiding on the shelf motor that opens to reveal the stainless steel sink and food preparation areas.

smart fridge in small shape for better food storage by Chow Pei Huan

smart fridge in small smart fridge in small is great This food storage product design is really perfect. It is called food storage orchestra. Why can it be called such that? Because, this kitchen is also called a food symphony by Chow Pei Huan, Ho Wen Chi and Chua kai Ren who design this great smart fridge in small product. This product has great function such as storing food w… Read More »

Beer storage like pyramid available in several smart colors

Beer storage like pyramid Beer storage like pyramid is great If you are included into Beer lovers and has declared yourself as the one who loves to collect Beer in your kitchen. This product is really suit for you all. This is called as Beer Pyramid. This beer pyramid is really amazing, cute and also cool in its design. Designed in simple shape, this product offers you a great function.… Read More »

kohler faucet handle S for modern kitchen is Kohler Karbon 01.27.11

kitchen plumbing design – Replace your traditional faucet with this kohler faucet handle S designs. Kohler Karbon is a new design which make “articulates from a compact pole-looking thing into a long arm that reaches right where you need it”. The kohler faucet handle designed by Kohler, anywhere you want to fill the liquid, you can move the faucet like smart robotic arm. The Karbon angular, linear appearance is sure… Read More »

smart refrigerator can move standing vertical to horizontal 11.18.10

do you know that your smart refrigerator also important? When you want to renovate your home kitchen, most of the time you think of tiles, furniture or maybe cabinet in general, So what if you can move the refrigerator perpendicular to one side or the other? You May Love:horizontal fridge

Modern baby blue kitchen with high specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops 10.13.10

Here is a new tess modern kitchen from scavolini. This kitchen design is design with gorgeous and gleaming surfaces. This is a combination of high-specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops and detailing. This kitchen design looks like a space age traditional American dinner. This kitchen design also shows you a sharp futuristic edge but also radiates a comfortable retrospective appeal. You May Love:baby blue kitchens

High specification molded cupboards with sharp futuristic edge and radiate comfortable retrospective appeal 10.12.10

Here is a kitchen design that is gorgeous, gleaming surfaces and a combination of high-specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops and detailing. This is the new modern kitchen from Scavolini. This kitchen rather like a space age traditional American diner. We show a sharp futuristic edge in this kitchen design. This kitchen design also radiates a comfortable retrospective appeal. The kitchen will never look out of date by this… Read More »