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Tuscan kitchen design ideas from Italy traditional kitchen style warm glow 11.23.10

Tuscan kitchen design evokes instantly ideas from Italy and sunlight and heat. In reality, Tuscan kitchen types of images designs ideas, when will finally suggest that the design of the perfect Tuscan cuisine. Look at pictures of houses decorated Tuscany in Italy, and the incredible beauty of this traditional kitchen style development with a modern touch your face a warm glow. You May Love:kitchen design ideas, tuscany kitchen

automatic kitchen concept with technology called claytronics contains millions of tiny robots 10.22.10

When you look at the images below, I am showing a automatic kitchen concept from being a real product, but a kitchen, maybe closer than you think. The kitchen in the images below have uses a technology called claytronics. The material contains millions of tiny robots that to stay in the situation and communicate with each other.

kitchen Gravity for small space kitchen when renovated house 10.17.10

The kitchen Gravity Magdalena is a simple design, but very intuitive and efficient loan, we improvised in small space of the kitchen. The kitchen Magdalena gravity can certainly a temporary solution for your needs, whether you use, you renovated your house, or if you have a kitchen at work or in a different environment.

future green refrigerators keep food fresh with nanorobotic bio gel system 10.15.10

future refrigerators will be very different from what we’re used to watching today are probably different technologies that are not fully developed or not yet invented a lot. The refrigerator of the future in the images below the food in a sort of green sludge that would be a system of nanorobotic bio-gel, Bio-Gel around all the food and holds it to be cool seems to be holding. You May‚Ķ Read More »

Modern kitchen Effeti Available in Blue kitchen designed by Giancarlo Vegni 5.8.10

Modern kitchen Effeti expand your tastes in food. new trends in kitchens with modern lines makes it looks neat. There are several examples of images of modern kitchen design with minimalist design. Available Blue kitchen, kitchen set of yellow and white modern kitchen sinks collections of photos. The second new concept is what is actually in the kitchen in the year 2010.