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Casual kitchen design in modern theme

This is a new kitchen design that comes in futuristic theme. This kitchen design comes in simple and soft color theme with bright brown color combination. This kitchen design is given a name casual kitchen design. this casual kitchen design is released by Euro mobil. This casual kitchen design deliver a simple design yet modern in theme.

Modern dining chair design in black color theme

Chair is an important element in a room especially dining room. Without chair you will not enjoy your time of dining breakfast and lunch. Without chair your gathering with your family will be uneasy and messy. Here is a modern dining chair that is designed in perfect black color theme.

Top modern dining room design with many options of design and color themes

If you are looking for an idea to design or décor your dining room, here are top modern dining room designs that are available for you to be applied into your dining room. This modern dining room design comes in several different themes and designs. They are all designed in a perfect measurement with wonderful selective materials. You May Love:modern dining room design, modern dining room design ideas

Multimedia Kitchen for Open Plan Areas Opera from Oikos 12.23.10

Designed by Massimo Colombo, Opera is the latest high-tech services to Oikos that all owners to follow the innovation and style. With a screen, users can watch TV, listen to music and surf the Internet. multimedia concept is the kitchen with a unique opportunity,

Curved Kitchen Island with Transparent glass table from Record Cucine 12.16.10

Curved Kitchen Island from Record Cucine offers has Transparent glass table. Transparent glass table is on beside of the Curved Kitchen island, so you can enjoy eating while the other cooking. Venere is a modern design, which in recent times with the ergonomically shaped island, which could dramatically improve the time from the kitchen daily.

Big Kitchen in for suburban home with open bar and dining area 12.13.10

This Big kitchen is a big-budget for suburban home, which made Arclinea Studio. Including drawers under the guise of granite, which is kosher insurance owners with food. The idea was to create works of contemporary kitchen open bar and dining room on one side and a casual meal or a home office space at the other end.

online kitchen design from Bulthaup have big storage space 11.19.10

online kitchen design examples of bulthaup that I see in today’s kitchen surprised. Here’s a great online design with a Bulthaup kitchen island in the heart. It appears that you have big storage space for dishes, pots, pans and other accessories. This piece attempts to congestion by reducing six large drawers for storage. The bar is a pleasant change from the dining room normally and invites others to sit and… Read More »

great white kitchen design reducing six large drawers for storage by Bulthaup 11.07.10

Here’s a great white kitchen design with a Bulthaup island in the heart. It appears that you have enough storage space for dishes, pots, pans and other accessories. This piece attempts to congestion by reducing six large drawers for storage. The bar is a pleasant change from the dining room normally and invites others to sit and talk during a meal is prepared.

traditional kitchen in rural America optimize air circulation and natural lighting 3.7.10

We felt like we were in the traditional kitchen in rural America. Design and detail in kitchen design is very unique country, ranging from cabinets, kitchen appliances, wall linings, until knop or cabinet handles. Cabinet is dominated by green color, combined with wood brown and black. Green and black paint was obtained from duko matte finish. His finishing was impressed intentionally obsolete. Giving the appearance of antique and unique in… Read More »

Brown kitchen color provides warmth and comfort equipped with the peninsula 3.7.10

The kitchen is the dominant color is brown practically complete. storage room and dining room here. Everything is arranged neatly. The first attraction of this kitchen is the choice of colors. Brown color provides warmth and comfort. The kitchen is equipped with the peninsula, which is modified with an additional rack on top. The peninsula can be used as a good dining room, or just sit around chatting while preparing… Read More »

maximize your Small kitchen design ideas space

kitchen and remodeling – maximize your Small kitchen design ideas space to create the small but efficient kitchen design. You need to work on three main areas of small kitchen design: storage, lighting, and equipment. small kitchen design should be both functional and comfortable. Help create a bright and white surfaces is considered a small space in the kitchen added. Many shades of bright colors help create a greater perception… Read More »