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traditional French country kitchen from the early to mid century

traditional French country kitchen from the early to mid century. Magnificent wooden table, while the construction of a typical kitchen with open beams and stucco walls. Notice the wrought iron hanger, and wooden shelves create storage space where none. Copper and terra cotta container, abundant natural lighting, and distressed wood cabinets complete this design. thats kitchen design ideas.

traditional kitchen in rural America optimize air circulation and natural lighting 3.7.10

We felt like we were in the traditional kitchen in rural America. Design and detail in kitchen design is very unique country, ranging from cabinets, kitchen appliances, wall linings, until knop or cabinet handles. Cabinet is dominated by green color, combined with wood brown and black. Green and black paint was obtained from duko matte finish. His finishing was impressed intentionally obsolete. Giving the appearance of antique and unique in… Read More »

small kitchen design set natural and lighting

small kitchen remodeling designs – small kitchen design set natural and lighting. To make your room look larger than it is, you need to work on three main areas of small kitchen design: storage, lighting, and appliances.The small kitchen design ideas mentioned here may not work to your advantage if your lighting is not good, because you may not work properly if you have trouble with the lighting system. You… Read More »