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The Jamaica Blue Mountain cup called JBM cup by Atelier Laia 02.12.11

You will be wonder and sock when you know this amazing cup. I am sure and absolutely sure. This is not a common cup. This is a special and different cup than the other usual cups ever in the world. Here is a new kitchen product released specially for you all. This product is called perfect JBM cup. What is meant by JBM? It is an abbreviation of Jamaica Blue… Read More »

White Cabinets in Modern Italian Kitchen Design from Stosa 01.10.11

STOSA this year has extended its range of White Cabinets new modern kitchen with four beautiful collections. Among these White Cabinets collections you can find a kitchen to a kitchen design in black and white. STOSA is a manufacturer of Italian kitchen, offering both traditional and White Cabinets modern models of very high quality. Their non-standard cabinets add to the originality and even expand the storage space. You May Love:white… Read More »

two levels countertop kitchen island from stainless steel by Ged Cucine 12.25.10

Designer Ged Cucine have this solution to a particular color spectacular kitchen, two levels countertop kitchen island and the class voted to create named Seta. The symbiosis of the wood and painting, usually painted black, is always great. It seems ultra-modern and very natural and sensual. The work consists of Jaipur stone and is very reliable and durable. The Island Series of kitchen does not cook. but two levels could… Read More »

Multimedia Kitchen for Open Plan Areas Opera from Oikos 12.23.10

Designed by Massimo Colombo, Opera is the latest high-tech services to Oikos that all owners to follow the innovation and style. With a screen, users can watch TV, listen to music and surf the Internet. multimedia concept is the kitchen with a unique opportunity,

cheap kitchen design ideas by repainting kitchen cabinet and kitchen walls 11.23.10

to get cheap kitchen design ideas. Just repainting your cheap kitchen cabinets! If you have high quality wood cabinets design ideas, chances are they could use some rejuvenation, and painted surfaces are very hot! There are many techniques you can easily learn to make your kitchen cabinets look designer. Crackling, faux finishing and glazing are all very easy and inexpensive. You May Love:kitchen design

timeless modern kitchen low maintenance with plenty storage space 11.07.10

This is a timeless modern low maintenance and practical floor plan with plenty of storage space and needs provides a good position. Alno used surfaces with high quality films and coated matte surface, well decide the edges according to the series you are.

Ebony kitchen with geometric shapes dominates uses grained wood stretches 11.05.10

MK Cucine designs a new natural kitchen design with its hard and large size. The Ebony contemporary kitchen from MK Cucine is an optical feast for you. MK Cucine uses grained wood stretches repeated with unique patterns in this contemporary kitchen intricately. This kitchen equipped with geometric shapes dominates, uninterrupted by distractions, encouraging the spotlight and the beauty of the natural material. You May Love:uses of wood

Contemporary Kitchen from Allmilmo creating extra counter space at either side 11.05.10

Allmilmo creates kitchen design with the visual impact of the natural wood grain in the Tineo Art of Living contemporary kitchen . This contemporary kitchen is ideal for who needs distinctive value and unique patterns in superior wood products. This kitchen has fine taste which will allow you to appreciate the subtle differences in the grain the minimalist design of high quality material. The Tineo Art is a wonderful of… Read More »

Valcucine Kitchens style of mid century modern kitchen playfulness and colorful 11.05.10

Valcucine crestes new kitchen design with infuses the stark modern kitchen which is playfulness and colorful. Free Play and Free Play Soft line are present the sleek, clean high quality of lines design, and has sensibilities of the latest European kitchens. This kitchen taking themselves slightly less seriously than some others we’ve seen while busy in cooking. How interesting kitchen design it is! If it is applied in your own… Read More »

100 percent Solid Wood Kitchen which blocks chestnut wood definitely and takes centre stage 11.03.10

Effeti creates a gorgeous solid wood kitchen with grained wood shapes the appearance of the “Wood 100%” kitchen. This is a kitchen which blocks chestnut wood definitely and takes centre stage. The kitchen is honed by several carpenters in Italian company Effeti that has qualified skills in this industry. The cabinet of this design made carefully selects the generous pieces of wood from the tree by handed pick only the… Read More »

high quality kitchen taking full ecological responsibility built use master craftsmen 11.02.10

FM Kitchens Society creates the best Eco-friendly kitchen design, the nature design as the Cala Austirian kitchen. FM Kitchens has manufacturer that utilizes beautiful wood, taking full ecological responsibility use only water-based coatings. This kitchen is not only good for the environment but also good for you and your kitchen. The high quality coatings of this design protect the wood better and make it an elevated resistance of both mechanical… Read More »

minimalism kitchen style with Zebrano wood easy fit into your kitchen 10.31.10

If you are the one who like minimalism kitchen style, you’ll love the Oyster, a Zebrano Wood kitchen from Veneta Cucine. This is kitchen design which is pure flat doors highlight the exquisite natural Zebrano wood and the flawless lacquered surfaces. This kitchen completed with a veritable rainbow of 4 gorgeous wood touches, 15 matte lacquers, and 16 gloss lacquers. The modular ‘Shell System’ construction of this design makes the… Read More »