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smooth rounded lines of corners of high demanded Ola kitchen by Snaidero 01.15.11

smooth rounded lines of corners become identity of this kitchen called Ola 20 which has been presented by Snaidero collaboration with Pininfarina design studio. This kitchen become more elegant and contemporary. This is Snaidero next plan for already high demanded Ola kitchen.

condo kitchen design ideas with curved lines of modern Americana kitchen 11.24.10

Curved lines of modern condo Americana kitchen design ideas give a sense of comfort and safety by Giemmegi. Their natural roundness design just great for condo kitchen design ideas. Americana kitchen is interpreted in so many different versions and combinations while maintaining its fabulous in each version, an incredible feat by the skills of workers Giemmegi. The company is proud that their kitchens are built to the environmentally-friendly processes that… Read More »

Smooth linear functional kitchen with vertical full height cabinets and floating island 11.08.10

Smooth, linear and functional kitchen. The Matrix series of modern kitchen Varenna Poliform is a division of a project with aesthetics extremely important that presented by large volumes and large surfaces. The kitchen of excellence matrix is targeted for a design scheme that needs a modern minimalist style sacrifices nothing and is a combination of elegance and quality.

ergonomic kitchen design like J shape has dramatic contrasts color for international market 11.07.10

Pedini of Italy since 1956 has made modern kitchen set. Their visual power and ergonomic design like J shape, Pedini refrained from defining the names of so many others, and made a breakthrough for the Italian products on the international market. Integra series shows designers Domenico Paolucci Usage of most straight lines and smooth, rounded elements in a perfect combination of form and space to create.

contemporary kitchen expanses drawn of bold color topped with smooth stainless steel 10.31.10

Scavolini creates a new Contemporary kitchen design with a focus on purposeful spaces and Intriguing layouts. The Flux kitchen is kitchen from Scavolini which arresting combination of straight and curved lines that contribute the ultramodern and ionic. You would be relished on your cooking activities with applying this design in your kitchen. This kitchen equipped whit an innovative circular work station and provides distinct of the cooking area, which can… Read More »

Cinqueterre anodized aluminum kitchen highly contemporary look by Schiffini 10.25.10

Schiffini creates a smart with streamlined kitchen design for you. The modern kitchen by Schiffini is Cinqueterre aluminum anodized kitchen features has all the benefits of aluminum. Extraordinarily this kitchen is hard wearing and durable used for a long time. Its aluminum also contributes a highly contemporary look to the Cinqueterre kitchen. The units of this design are skillfully crafted with a linear precision. It provides straightforward horizontal lines which… Read More »

eye-catching elements kitchen with LED Illumination from Toncelli creates a mood available in a range of finishes 9.9.10

an ultra modern kitchen from Toncelli creates a modern in Essential units from Toncelli packaged with exciting, eye-catching elements. this kitchen is characterized by an elegant linearity. we design this in two distinct areas of operation. we also divide the cooking with area in two. first is the multi functional store area and frying area at the wall unit.