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Snaidero Skyline curved shape saves space offers variety of classic and modern finish

Interesting design and good functionality is the perfect combination of a collection of contemporary kitchen by Snaidero Skyline. Italian kitchen companies are always characterized by the design inspiration and comfort and Skyline is no exception.

Kettles in Detail

Kettles in Detail Kettles in Detail is great This is a new product design that comes in perfect performance. It is a kettle that is designed in luxurious and beautiful design. this kettle is called kettle design that is designed by product tank. This kettle design comes in white beautiful color theme that is combined with a little black color. This perfect combination result a perfect performance on its look… Read More »

modern Kitchen with microwave integrated and built-in cooler by Armani 12.28.10

The bridge is a magnificent result of a collaboration between Armani and long cooking group of the leading manufacturers of kitchens, Dada.It is designed to provide a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere in any kitchen. This series consists of several parts: the hot and cold microwave integrated, with cupboards, refrigerator and built-in cooler for a vineyard and the breadbasket of storage needs. You May Love:built in microwave

big Kitchen with large Smart Storage Solutions from Quatro Gloss 12.11.10

The distribution of kitchen drawers to maximize space with big Kitchen with large Smart Storage and make sure everything you need in your kitchen every day in order. Quatro Gloss is another big kitchen Gaban designed to have the best possible storage solutions. It is a perfect combination of simplicity and functionality big Kitchen with large Smart Storage.

ergonomic kitchen design like J shape has dramatic contrasts color for international market 11.07.10

Pedini of Italy since 1956 has made modern kitchen set. Their visual power and ergonomic design like J shape, Pedini refrained from defining the names of so many others, and made a breakthrough for the Italian products on the international market. Integra series shows designers Domenico Paolucci Usage of most straight lines and smooth, rounded elements in a perfect combination of form and space to create.

Contemporary Samal Kitchen designs curving counters rounded cupboard edges by Gatto Cucine 11.05.10

Gatto Cucine makes a kitchen design with modern and luxury design for you. The Samal Contemporary kitchen from Gatto Cucine can emanates an air of retro chic. This kitchen is designed by curving counters, rounded cupboard edges, high gloss, and handy stools. Even though this is a modern kitchen design, Gatto also add the transitional feel here. This is really fun and slightly futuristic aspect of the contemporary kitchen. It… Read More »

kitchen combination of modern technology and works of art creating floral motif 8.11.10

White flowers is one of the latest collection by the Italian company cucine Menson’s. Although this company specializes in production modern kitchens this collection includes a furniture for kitchen, bathroom and even living room. Botto Designer Lucca has a perfect combination of modern technology and works of art by famous photographer Massimo Gardone and creating highly sophisticated repair and furniture with floral motif. Glass doors with soft white flowers can… Read More »