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12 top expressive color and natural elegance kitchen CODE by Snaidero 01.13.11

Snaidero presented 12 top expressive color CODE is great kitchen collections on Eurocucine 2010. This series have beautiful crafted details. The collection is designed not only to create the perfect kitchen, but also to expand their activities overlap as the living room. The collection consists of two different versions of the color and the natural sciences which have an expressive color and natural elegance of wood relative.

Smooth linear functional kitchen with vertical full height cabinets and floating island 11.08.10

Smooth, linear and functional kitchen. The Matrix series of modern kitchen Varenna Poliform is a division of a project with aesthetics extremely important that presented by large volumes and large surfaces. The kitchen of excellence matrix is targeted for a design scheme that needs a modern minimalist style sacrifices nothing and is a combination of elegance and quality.

The winner of IMM Cologne 2008 kitchen design use waterfall faucet fit 11.02.10

Leicht an extraordinary kitchen design with conveys a spirit of forward-looking modernity. The CONCEPT 40 is made by Leicht whit wide open spaces (the kitchen and living room are unified). A neatly closed wall arrangement of this kitchen creates a sense of uncluttered, calm, and perfect. The CONCEPT 40 is one of expansive and minimalist with its functionality of the kitchen. This kitchen is designed can be reveals itself, as… Read More »

modular elements kitchen with unusual textures and striking surfaces look 10.27.10

Rosso includes the kitchen is a highly specialized area. To the question of the kitchen De Rosso Design creates a unique in-house, the kitchen and brings Velva to meet these requirements. The kitchen is Velva to order, harmony between the kitchen and living room you want. In fact, the cooking is done to complement and coordinate with other De Rosso enough so that it seamlessly selecting a combination of modular… Read More »

new kitchen combines dark wood and tall stature precise clean designed in minimal size 10.14.10

Here is a new kitchen design called modus kitchen that combines dark wood and tall stature. This is an iconic kitchen design by Binova. This Modus Kitchen from Binova is precise, clean and well-ordered. This kitchen design is just as kitchens should be. This kitchen design has ingenious use of space that emphasizes the stark, definite lines of this daring kitchen.

Iconic kitchen design with the forms partition the kitchen space of timeless elegance 10.06.10

This Modus Kitchen from Binova is classified into precise, clean and well-ordered kitchen design. The use of space of this kitchen design emphasizes the stark, definite lines of this daring kitchen. We design this minimal kitchen completed with the kitchen units which certainly exude a kind of timeless elegance. The more advantage of this kitchen design is the forms that partition the kitchen space, removing the barriers between kitchen and… Read More »

kitchen lounge concept modium kitchen combination living room illuminated by standing lamp 10.05.10

here we are a new and different concept of kitchen design. this kitchen design brings the kitchen and lounge concept into one terrific look. this is called MODIUM kitchen by Kitche concept. by this concept, we dont need to delineate rooms according to their purposes. we make kitchen like the heart of the home. this kitchen also make us proud to welcome guests deep into out homes and entertain them.… Read More »

high tech European Kitchen lighting from Germany integral with apple PC and I Pod 9.28.10

here is the intelligent German design. this Rational kitchen design is a combination of natural wood detail, stainless steel accent and a high class finish. we make horizontal lines which dominate with the ‘loadboard’ presenting useful living room style storage in the kitchen.

Amazing Kitchens Pictures not like you have seen before like another room in our house 9.3.10

If you want something different from other about your kitchen, here is the best solution. No kitchen in the world that is designed like we have. We offer something different; a kitchen with design like living room. How we arrange the lamps above the kitchen seems to tell us that this is not a kitchen but rather a stage. You May Love:amazing kitchens

fridge, shelves, cooking area is hidden covered by sliding door 8.10.10

This is definitely one of the main kitchen attraction in Milan Design Week 2010. Now we’re just saying this from a subjective point of view and waiting for your response. However, would not you want to have a kitchen where everything is hidden (fridge, shelves, cooking area) with a very cool look at the door?