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natural wood classic kitchen in glossy lacquered version by Arrital Cucine 01.08.11

There are so many natural wood kitchen in hote-ls.com and I will show to you, beautiful classic kitchens in glossy lacquered . It will be great for people who want to create warm and comfy atmosphere in the kitchen. This kitchen manufactured by Arrital Cucine called Ducale.

White gray kitchen marble Designs masonry kitchens by Arrex 12.17.10

White gray kitchen marble are used to give great effect to this modern kitchens. masonry kitchens have their roots in a time when the house was in the middle of the kitchen and the kitchen, the house was center. Today White gray kitchen marble kitchens are important to people and they are natural. You May Love:gray kitchen walls images, gray kitchens

galley kitchen design ideas combination of modular elements HPL laminate 11.25.10

highly specialized area and unique in the house is galley kitchen and De Rosso understand kitchen design ideas well, and they bring the galley kitchen Velva to meet these requirements. The kitchen is made to order, harmony between the kitchen and life style that you want. In fact, the cooking is done to complement and coordinate with other De Rosso enough so that it seamlessly selecting a combination of modular… Read More »

neutral tones kitchen Contrasting glossy white and matt black pantry from Salvarani 11.04.10

Sophisticated, neutral tones sooth your senses in the Pk kitchen, a contemporary kitchen from Salvarani. Contrasting glossy white and matt black pantry and storage spaces combine effortlessly with stainless steel surfaces, bringing a feeling of harmony to this very contemporary kitchen look. Simplicity is the order of the day, with straightforward details such as stainless steel edging on units, along with minimalist, uncomplicated handles which emphasize functionality.

modular kitchen customizable and free standing elements designed to be move 10.29.10

Oikos creates a new sitematica modular kitchen perfectly. A modular kitchen will change along with you in your daily activities especially in kitchen. The Sistematica Kitchen is a custom contemporary kitchen from Oikos with a crucial difference. This kitchen is different with other kitchen islands and designed to be move. The contemporary Sistematica kitchen is entirely modular, and customizable. The gorgeous free standing elements of this kitchen can be combined… Read More »

high quality teak kitchen materials and stainless steel create classical modern kitchen 10.28.10

Good news for a greatest kitchen design! AGed Cucine creates an ideal design of the Treviso teak kitchen. To make an ideal kitchen design, Ged Cucine uses the high-quality of materials to contribute a timeless appeal to the Treviso kitchen design. Ged Cucine add teak, stone and stainless steel work in harmony to create a durable, visually harmony classical modern kitchen. The strong and long of handles carved directly into… Read More »

modular elements kitchen with unusual textures and striking surfaces look 10.27.10

Rosso includes the kitchen is a highly specialized area. To the question of the kitchen De Rosso Design creates a unique in-house, the kitchen and brings Velva to meet these requirements. The kitchen is Velva to order, harmony between the kitchen and living room you want. In fact, the cooking is done to complement and coordinate with other De Rosso enough so that it seamlessly selecting a combination of modular… Read More »

walnut kitchen lacquer reflective glass system with white and wooden worktops 10.26.10

Rossan creates the new Geveva (Ginevra) which is a clever combination of glass, lacquer and wood. The Geneva (Ginevra)designer kitchen from Rossan is designed use delights the eye, and please the enthusiast in cooking enthusiast with its functionality. In previous design Walnut kitchen ever been designed by Massimo Castagna incorporates two innovative components as parts of design with natural and beautiful form. The concept of this design is uses both… Read More »

The sensual feminine lines designed women kitchen style by Aster Cucine 10.25.10

Aster Cucine creates a new contemporary kitchen with sensual lines. The sensual lines of the Domina kitchen by Aster Cucine are especially designed with women’s mind. This contemporary kitchen design works to control the space surrounds us with feminine lines (straighter than masculine lines). The Domina kitchen will change anyone who feels confined or intimidated by the usual rigidity of contemporary kitchen designs.

natural lava stone, wood, steel and aluminium achieves geometrical harmony Italian white kitchen design 9.30.10

this super modern KITCHEN DESIGN is released by Cof Cucine. this kitchen design sues natural lava stone, wood, steel and aluminium the segmento achieves a provocative geometrical harmony. this kitchen is inspired by straight bold linearity. there is a pan supporting over the hobs that comes from a particularly noticeable element. it is interpreted as a structure made from elongated lines. this segmento kitchen show cases the logic of the… Read More »

Black and white kitchen ElektraVetro model by Ernestomeda

This Excellent Design, Black and white kitchen with island style curved. Ernestomeda offers a large collection of excellent kitchen design, black and white is the originality of design. This kitchen design is very beautiful architecture that can be applied to your kitchen. What is interesting is the White ElektraVetro model.