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Yellow Espresso Machine looks good on coffee designed by Yaniv Berg

Yellow Espresso Machine looks is great Yellow Espresso Machine looks is great Here is a new innovation on kitchen design elements. This product is really beautiful and elegant. This product is really amazing in its function and design. I love the way it works that is so practice and simple. With its yellow this product doesn’t appear like a common machine of making coffee you will love Yellow Espresso Machine… Read More »

modern kitchen design with natural wood elements by Vitrea Braal 12.20.10

The combination of modern kitchen design with natural wood elements is the result of the product is incredible. Such a design can be easily combined with the inner life of the room, beautiful open houses. Braal, an Austrian company that was founded only 4 years old, is in its mix of modern kitchen design called Vitrea.

galley kitchen design ideas combination of modular elements HPL laminate 11.25.10

highly specialized area and unique in the house is galley kitchen and De Rosso understand kitchen design ideas well, and they bring the galley kitchen Velva to meet these requirements. The kitchen is made to order, harmony between the kitchen and life style that you want. In fact, the cooking is done to complement and coordinate with other De Rosso enough so that it seamlessly selecting a combination of modular… Read More »

Vela Quadra amazing kitchen pictures series created by Ferrucio Laviani

Here are some amazing pictures show the kitchen. This series is called “Vela Quadra” created by the designer, Ferrucio Laviani. One feature I like is great flexibility in design. First, there are different colors to choose from to form your kitchen colors to suit your home theme.