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100 percent Solid Wood Kitchen which blocks chestnut wood definitely and takes centre stage 11.03.10

Effeti creates a gorgeous solid wood kitchen with grained wood shapes the appearance of the “Wood 100%” kitchen. This is a kitchen which blocks chestnut wood definitely and takes centre stage. The kitchen is honed by several carpenters in Italian company Effeti that has qualified skills in this industry. The cabinet of this design made carefully selects the generous pieces of wood from the tree by handed pick only the… Read More »

modular kitchen customizable and free standing elements designed to be move 10.29.10

Oikos creates a new sitematica modular kitchen perfectly. A modular kitchen will change along with you in your daily activities especially in kitchen. The Sistematica Kitchen is a custom contemporary kitchen from Oikos with a crucial difference. This kitchen is different with other kitchen islands and designed to be move. The contemporary Sistematica kitchen is entirely modular, and customizable. The gorgeous free standing elements of this kitchen can be combined… Read More »

Freestanding Kitchen for indoor or outdoor kitchen made from teak and stainless steel 10.26.10

The Libero indoor or outdoor kitchen from Riva 1920 let you locate this gorgeous freestanding kitchen either indoors or outdoors at your own home. This is a rare and practical choice which should be yours. This kitchen takes a variety of possible lifestyles and climates of mind into real kitchen design. This is a wonderful professional kitchen with the freestanding units which can be moved around. Let’s say thanks to… Read More »

Contemporary modern and bold kitchen combination black and yellow or red and grey 10.26.10

Tomassi Cucine makes the Andromeda contemporary kitchen the latest kitchen to embody cosmopolitan style. This is one of modern and bold kitchen with colors are not for the faint-hearted. Tomassi Cucine shows strength character, sharp design, and bright hues as an expression of their vitality and unique personality. Mixing combinations of black and yellow, or red and grey, look great in high quality and high-gloss material. You May Love:latest kitchen

The sensual feminine lines designed women kitchen style by Aster Cucine 10.25.10

Aster Cucine creates a new contemporary kitchen with sensual lines. The sensual lines of the Domina kitchen by Aster Cucine are especially designed with women’s mind. This contemporary kitchen design works to control the space surrounds us with feminine lines (straighter than masculine lines). The Domina kitchen will change anyone who feels confined or intimidated by the usual rigidity of contemporary kitchen designs.

Walnut kitchen slats with black fillets give strong units linear look 10.24.10

Schiffini creates and shows the new of Solaro modern Walnut kitchen with a futuristic look that retains an entirely approachable air. This kitchen design is balance with the liberal use of gorgeous natural walnut and the spaceship-like appliances seem totally at home. If you have a dream to explore the amazing aesthetics and proven practicality of kitchen in your home, Solare modern kitchen give you the answer to make your… Read More »

Modern baby blue kitchen with high specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops 10.13.10

Here is a new tess modern kitchen from scavolini. This kitchen design is design with gorgeous and gleaming surfaces. This is a combination of high-specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops and detailing. This kitchen design looks like a space age traditional American dinner. This kitchen design also shows you a sharp futuristic edge but also radiates a comfortable retrospective appeal. You May Love:baby blue kitchens

Evitavonni Yin Yang Kitchen island with extractor fan and island top well coordinated 10.12.10

Here is the Focus kitchen from Scavolini. This kitchen design aims to accent your home with a timeless, innovative appeal. This kitchen design is also a true modern classic that will be equally at home in a contemporary or transitional environment. The benefit of this kitchen design has deliberate contrast that serves to highlight the multifunctional nature of the kitchen. We add gorgeous wooden units that are finished with attractive… Read More »

High specification molded cupboards with sharp futuristic edge and radiate comfortable retrospective appeal 10.12.10

Here is a kitchen design that is gorgeous, gleaming surfaces and a combination of high-specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops and detailing. This is the new modern kitchen from Scavolini. This kitchen rather like a space age traditional American diner. We show a sharp futuristic edge in this kitchen design. This kitchen design also radiates a comfortable retrospective appeal. The kitchen will never look out of date by this… Read More »

glass and wood kitchen softens minimal themes and lines by Pedini 11.01.10

The new Pedini Q2 kitchen is the kitchen which made of the coordination between glass and wood. This kitchen might be just what you have been looking for. This kitchen personalization could also come as a close second priority. The flexible new Q2 kitchen (also known as Q2System) offers thousands color variant of laminate and infinite lacquer tones. Pedini build this kitchen with gorgeous glass and the warmth of wood… Read More »

Handleless Kitchen completed with gorgeous high-end cabinets from Alno new Starline kitchens 9.29.10

if you are a person of modern style you of course need streamlined modern kitchen. besides the new starline handleless kitchen from Alno also perfectly fit to your style. this kitchen design is completed with gorgeous high-end cabinets that are uninterrupted by door/drawers hard work. this design is able to show their find quality. You May Love:high end kitchen