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new plate design in futuristic style with sauce place

new plate design in new plate design in is great here is a new product design that comes in modern style. it is called Palate. This new product design is designed by BANG ki ryoul. This is a plate that comes in new innovation design. it comes in futuristic design that is so different from any other common plate design. the design is unique and the white color theme is… Read More »

New refrigerator design with green fortune & whirlpool

New refrigerator design with New refrigerator design with is great Here is a new product design that comes to you to complete your kitchen area. This new product design is given a name kitchen garden refrigerator. This new kitchen garden refrigerator is designed by Hanna sandstorm. This new product design comes in futuristic design. it comes in white color theme you will love New refrigerator design with

single handle kitchen faucet is hybrid flexible has LED-illuminating by paini 01.29.11

Do you want single handle kitchen faucet which flexibe? Or do you want to make your kitchen very trendy and fashionable? The hybrid flexible faucet Paini answer it with its futuristic design and flexible, which means that hybrids can be sprayed easily at any time. This single handle kitchen faucet also has a line of LED lighting that changes color depending on water temperature, which is surely as his guide.

concave wall futuristic vent hood design by David Lewis Elica Collection 11.06.10

Looking for the personalized touch that other friends have in their kitchen? Well, how about Hyper-learning in the future with this setup ventilation from Zephyr. Here, the concave wall of the Elica Collection by David Lewis is developed.

Japanese kitchen island S with 3 electric looking rings generous circular sink 9.30.10

if you are looking for a perfect kitchen for compact spaces, this JAPANESE KITCHEN is the best choice for you. this is the island S from the nobody collection. we design this in a highly futuristic design. this kitchen is made up with an island of 2 parts with 3 electric looking rings, a generous circular sink and plenty of space for kitchen items. this sculptural kitchen is simply effective.… Read More »

Futuristic Flying Kitchen island from Germany wrapped in sleek stainless steel for aesthetic 9.10.10

Flying from the kitchen is a country kitchen Unikat you go wild! This wood with an attitude, and sense of super stylish to boot. This futuristic design features that come from Germany a large island of wood, wrapped in sleek stainless steel for aesthetic that says “welcome” and “check me out” at the same time.