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new plate design in futuristic style with sauce place

new plate design in new plate design in is great here is a new product design that comes in modern style. it is called Palate. This new product design is designed by BANG ki ryoul. This is a plate that comes in new innovation design. it comes in futuristic design that is so different from any other common plate design. the design is unique and the white color theme is… Read More »

Android espresso machine work with QR code is amazing 04.18.11

Android espresso machine work Android espresso machine work is great What an amazing machine it is. I love it so much and the way it works to serve me coffee with music play. This is called Android based coffee brewery. It is coffee brewery and it is also a music play. It means this is a two function machine in one stuff. This is called also Appresson where the taste… Read More »

New modern cooking table with bottom area as storage and extra cooking area

New modern cooking table New modern cooking table is great This product design is really amazing. It is a new innovation technology of kitchen furniture that comes as a modern stuff for modern lifestyle. This new innovation product design is called cooking table. It is a new product design that is designed by young Chan Choo. This product is designed to be functional and as a wonderful table top that… Read More »