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Future Kitchen Island with Remote Controlled faucet pops up as the cover by Ernestomeda 9.11.10

When clean-looking kitchen is as important as it is functional, the remote island controlled by smart Ernestomeda allows you to have cake and eat it too. Behind the stately facade of American walnut, the island was hiding on the shelf motor that opens to reveal the stainless steel sink and food preparation areas.

future kitchen remote controlled kitchen island design in aluminum and walnut 10.04.10

THIS cover KITCHEN ISLAND IS DESIGN FROM Ernestomeda. This is a clean, clear look of a minimalist kitchen that you will adore to. we design this automation kitchen in a perfect way. a motor opens and closes the worktop so that when it is not in use it can be quickly and easily locked away. There is a screens and fully updated system that controls the opening, closing functions with… Read More »

LED kitchen lighting sense to make wider space

LED lighting modern home perfect for most lighting applications kitchen. LED lighting kitchen design can be changed to make your kitchen feel more spacious rooms. Ideally, kitchen lighting kitchen design should aim to strike a balance: to be bright and precisely positioned to provide good lighting, especially around the office like a stove, sink and food preparation areas, but without seeming too loud. You May Love:kitchen lighting, led kitchen lighting