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function to fashion integrated kitchen lighting illuminate your workspace

If you consider yourself an expert in the kitchen, or you appreciate good design, Snaidero Italian company has a new futuristic kitchen that will definitely impress. Marking the company’s 20-year milestone, Ola20 is as strange as wonderful. This island is the center of this stunning design, boasting an unusual statue base. You May Love:integrated kitchens

clean faced cabinets and a complementary kitchen island with lots of storage space

remodeled kitchens with islands – Dada as the Italian design firm came up with the concept, this sleek, modern kitchen takes up a lot of use from the center of cooking into a true hub of the house. In true European fashion, kitchen sets, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni not just for cooking, eating and cleaning again. You May Love:kitchen island pictures, kitchen island designs, modern kitchen island, KITCHEN ISLAND, kitchen… Read More »