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new innovation white Espresso maker on Four Legs by Dror Goldblum

This is a new innovation kitchen product design called My Pet Espresso maker. This espresso maker is specially designed to you all who love modernity in your life. This espresso makes is also designed with four legs in whole house. It is designed like a puppy dog coming in a close second. The special thing of this puppy dog is on the rolled-up paper covered in slobber.

Italian Antique refrigerator Made in cherry wood Lebanese cedar and mahogany 11.16.10

If anything in the kitchen like Italian Antique refrigerator Modern look with glass shelves, and other fun details, such as portholes and claw foot legs, would certainly be that either! And believe us, even if they look old, there is absolutely nothing in the old refrigerator Meneghini.

black and glossy Small kitchen design create graceful appearance character gloomy and touch look 10.07.10

This small petite kitchen design is approximately 2.5 x 2m. This small kitchen design remain look elegant wit its small design. This entire kitchen is covered with glass cabinet doors. We use solid surface, strong and scratch resistant material for the top table. We use black and glossy color. This black and glossy becomes the most appropriate options for you to create a graceful appearance and character.