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compact kitchen comes wrapped in a modern metal for contemporary homes by Jcorradi 8.7.10

When the space at a premium, you must be creative in the kitchen – after all, this is one place where you do not want to compromise. The idea of a compact kitchen with Jcorradi Italian company is a culinary dream-come-true for the gourmet who calls a house or an urban loft small compact city “home” Small and sweet.

innovative concept of kitchen design has multi function furniture by SieMatic 10.24.10

SieMatic creates new design of modern kitchen with a dramatic intersection of kitchen units. The SC 61 modern kitchen from SieMatic totally reinterprets home space. This is a new and innovative concept of kitchen design. It is up to you to decide how to use the space within your home and choose certain furniture which applied in certain rooms and functions. The SC 61 kitchen gives a sense of liberation… Read More »

new concept and innovative design for a drinking glass from Molo Design 10.15.10

How often do you see a truly innovative design for a drinking glass? Molo Design has a new concept with cool Float series, which has suspended your favorite drink or dessert in a visually appealing manner. It is true that the shape of the glass may be some positive features to forgo the pleasure of a martini or a breath of good red wine. You May Love:innovative design

modern European style kitchen from Aster Cucine innovative new trend kitchen 3.7.10

Earn a collection of modern European style kitchen from Aster Cucine. Recently released Aster Cucine modern kitchen design with European style a lot. This company makes the Italian design kitchen modern kitchen has always been a innovative new trend kitchen.

ergonomic design kitchen concept with a bright blue color style

Best kitchen set innovative design with Altera kitchen Kitchen Design Studio concept down. Luxury, kitchen sets ergonomic design with a bright blue color style, the concept of multifunctions that is suitable for the modern kitchen minimalist kitchen interior. You May Love:design