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handy portable and compact microwave connected via USB 04.30.11

handy portable and compact handy portable and compact is great This product is so perfect for you all who are categorized as a workaholic. It is a perfect product that offers two main functions in one package. This is called Brain wave. This is named as brain wave since it can function like a brain and can also function like a micro wave. How does it work? Here is explained… Read More »

touch sink faucet control brushed steel tube designed by Jessica Hunt 02.23.11

This modern faucet is designed Jessica Hunt. She deliver use an interesting concept namely a sink faucet. This faucet brushed steel tube with along notch along one side. This is designed for a modern water flow in your kitchen. The working system of this faucet us by a simple swipe across the arm to turn it on. This faucet has advantages on the various levels of hot and cold water… Read More »

the smart kitchen designs compact and handy has boundaries shape 01.28.11

the smart kitchen designs picture has boundaries shape. The smart kitchen continues to perform in a natural setting of settlements of people. Now, following this trend Designboom has a legitimate contest The kitchen is the heart of the house, where 2980 designers from 102 countries participated.