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cute water dispenser like transparent egg AQUAOVO by Manuel Desrochers 04.30.11

cute water dispenser like cute water dispenser like is great This product is a ball. It is a glass ball. It is a glass ball with great function and great design. this great ball of water will complete your futuristic kitchen furniture for your kitchen area. This product is named with Ovo. This Ovo is designed by Manuel Desrochers. He tries to offer a great and modern lifestyle through this… Read More »

Filters Water System for eco kitchen will save energy also money 11.07.10

How much water you usually buy every week? How do you really want to be able to clean tap water and put it in drinking water real? Well, that is now possible through the water filtration system developed jointly with IDEO Filtrete 3M s. Not only you will save more money in the long run by not buying gas or water as often.