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New Wooden Kitchen make warm and friendly by Valcucine 1.1.11

Valcucine Italian company always surprises and amazes us with his concept of New Wooden kitchen. wooden kitchen You see not only very nice results, but also very nice that they created a stir. This cuisine may be surrounded by a warm and friendly and close to nature. Each new kitchen is a step in the production kitchen.

Modern Kitchen wooden base right angles contrasting high gloss set wooden storage units 11.03.10

Leicht creates an artistic kitchen design that comes as the beautiful modern art. The Largo FG Highline is a modern kitchen from that fully of classic work of art. This design is consist of linear units intersect in unexpected ways. It means that the Largo FG has many features which constantly surprises and challenges the viewers include you to bring this kitchen design to your own home. You May Love:contrasting… Read More »

wooden kitchen that warm and cozy atmosphere closely with nature 8.11.10

Valcucine Italian companies are always surprises and surprising us with its original design the kitchen. Each new kitchen made by them is a step forward in the production kitchen. Its latest kitchen, Noce Tattile, is one more demonstration of that. For that designers have been rejected from time Valcucine synthetic varnishes and has selected these naturalness.