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best compact kitchen for smal apartments to create comfortable work area 020710

Designed by Kristin Ebelt Laass and Norman from Germany, the project is a smart-called “Small-Type” and has a wonderful ability and very practical interior installation in almost any kind, no matter how small. Measuring only one square meter when closed, this compact kitchen serves as a desk, refrigerator, oven, sink and storage space.

Herbal kitchen growing herbs offers everything for wine connoisseur

We loved the kitchen and Alu wine cheese theme. Designed by Martin Steininger, this kitchen is a new special offer everything for the wine connoisseur just short of the wine itself. This island offers entertainment style storage bottles under the counter and offers an integrated hidden compartment for wine and cheese degustation silver ware. Add to sink and refrigerator, cool and practical transparent-door you could smell the cooking of urban-chic… Read More »

Tips of working with small kitchen design

Tips of working with Tips of working with is great Small kitchen design is a perfect choice at recently. Small kitchen design has become a trend in this era. Small kitchen design is a perfect solution for you all since this era space is expensive. Space is difficult to find. Space is the important part in designing home so does kitchen. Based on those facts, small kitchen design is the… Read More »

How to create small kitchen design in 8 steps

How to create small How to create small is great Having small kitchen design is a perfect home living. Small kitchen design has many advantages such as the space that only need small and limited space, the appliance and also the lighting. Small kitchen design is a perfect choice at present since it can create a home to be homiest. If you are looking for an inspiration or an idea… Read More »

Designing a small kitchen in creative ways

Designing a small kitchen Designing a small kitchen is great If you are looking for an idea to design or redesign your kitchen to be a small kitchen design, if you are looking for an inspiration of designing or designing your kitchen to be a small kitchen design this great tips for you to design a small kitchen is a perfect station for you. This tips of small kitchen design… Read More »

New refrigerator design with save minimizing system

New refrigerator design with New refrigerator design with is great It comes in white color theme. It comes as a refrigerator. It is designed by Yong jin Kim. It is given a name shift refrigerator. This refrigerator is designed in a perfect performance yet simple shape. It can be placed in a limited space area and also unlimited space area. this refrigerator is designed with ability to save energy by… Read More »

samsung fridge models review Bi Axiz fridge in chic design

samsung fridge models review samsung fridge models review is great It is a new innovation of designing fridge. This new innovation is named Bi-Axis fridge that is released from a big company namely Samsung GRO design. what is the unique thing of this fridge design? just like its name this fridge design has two wonderful door. You may open it through the front door or the back door. All are… Read More »

Giorgio Armani Calyx kitchen with long modern lines and bold flat accent 04.26.11

Giorgio Armani Calyx kitchen Giorgio Armani Calyx kitchen is great Here is a kitchen designed called Giorgio Armani’s Calyx kitchen. This kitchen design offers you a slick and glossy design with long modern lines and bold flat accent. It is merely a simple kitchen design. It is also simple on the color splashed to the overall part of the kitchen area. But, it has a huge function you will love… Read More »

Ultra sonic wine storage with touch screen technology

Ultra sonic wine storage Ultra sonic wine storage is great What a great item it is! This wine storage item is called ultra sonic wine. What is it used for? The main point this item is produced to make your life easier and more elegant in style. Futuristic is also the main theme of this item. You can see the color combination, the design and many more element of it… Read More »

Modern eco fridge with solar energy hangs on the external wall 03.29.11

An interesting kitchen product is now released for you all. This Modern eco fridge with solar energy hangs on the external wall. This product is so cultural and is able to trigger off inspiration to design a product to be extension. As you know different place has different culture in case of window sill. For example in Chine the cool condition forces people to keep food outside the window to… Read More »

The most unique fridge of bent sitting in the world with simple color theme 03.2.11

Here is a new product design called as fridge of Bent sittings. This product design help you to prepare yourself for the strangest concept in refrigeration. This bent sitting use a concept called Membrane. You can sue this sitting fpr a refrigerator that is flexible. What an amazing sitting design it is! You know, this product can keep cool the items you need. This view is not entirely the exact… Read More »