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lemon slicer and food dicer a multifunctional product

lemon slicer and food lemon slicer and food is great this is what is so called lemon slicer. This is also a product given a name food dicer. The other time we can also say robot penguins to this product design so, what is this? This is a combination of those three functional products. This easy food dicer and lemon slicer is designed in tiny form and modernly sophisticated you… Read More »

New product called nomadic wonderland for clothing and acccessories

New product called nomadic New product called nomadic is great Here is a new product that is given a name Nomadic wonderland. It is a new product design that comes to you to complete your kitchen area. This new product design is designed by Eunsuk Hur. This product can be called as a fantasy product design that is designed by the rather fashionale designer. There is a series of interchangeable,… Read More »

kitchen tile flooring ideas picture from Fogazza have fun and fresh

kitchen tile flooring ideas kitchen tile flooring ideas is great This product will complete your kitchen area with something beautiful, artistic, and also aesthetic. It is an abstract tile that is released from Fogazza. This is a new and different tile that comes in colorful and fun design. it will give special atmosphere to your kitchen area you will love kitchen tile flooring ideas You May Love:kitchen tile ideas, kitchen… Read More »

Accordion Flexible kitchen table by Olga Kalugin is very innovative product

Accordion Flexible kitchen table Accordion Flexible kitchen table is great This flexible kitchen table is really great. It is a perfect table for your modern kitchen design. It is also new innovation kitchen table that allows you to form as you like. The yellow combined with black natural color is so perfect color. There are many space areas that are available to store vegetables, cheese, and many other ingredients to… Read More »

modern kitchen faucet furniture easy control temperature water named Tempdot 04.30.11

modern kitchen faucet furniture modern kitchen faucet furniture is great If you are looking for a great faucet for your great kitchen area, if you are looking for a modern faucet for your modern kitchen style, this dot will be the perfect solution for you all. This is a modern technology of faucet that is designed digitally working. This product can also give you all of temps in dot form.… Read More »

New product design called Roly Poly iron with amazing handle trigger

New product design called New product design called is great Here is a new model of household area product. Here is a new design of household element. Here is a new product design that is given a name Roly Poly iron. This Roly Poly iron product design is released in a new modern style. It is born because of the well known designer called Wonkook Lee. This modern Iron is… Read More »

new modern product design called AIR aka for boot drying

new modern product design new modern product design is great It is a new product design that is given a name universal drying apparatus air. This new product design is designed by Olga kalugina. This product comes to complete your life where snows always come in often frequency. This product is released in relation to a fresh pair of snow stomping boots. It is for special purpose. It is for… Read More »

New modern product design kitchenware apple teapot

New modern product design New modern product design is great Here is a new product that is given a name apple teapot. This appeal teapot is designed by Sungkuk park. This teapot design is designed to be different and special that other products. It is a teapot that comes in apple shape. It looks cute and fun. It offers functionality and fashion. This product can be called as a pot… Read More »

singular monoblock piece Fully Enclosed Kitchen simple lines minimalist product from Boffi 9.28.10

this new On/Off kitchen has several unique points. this kitchen design has ability to transform it self into a wall second package when it is not used. the second advantage of this kitchen design is when closed it will look like a singular monoblock piece. we design this kitchen is based on simple lines that make the perfect minimalist product.