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bamboo kitchen cabinetry doors functional concept for modern kitchen 01.27.11

bamboo kitchen cabinetry doors can make environments that significant and functional concept. This bamboo kitchen cabinetry doors is beautiful when placed in modern kitchen, designed by Cocinas Block and the idea of this model is make living spaces. You May Love:modern doors

customizable Kitchen Cabinets with luminescent lamps by Moretuzzo 12.09.10

customizable Kitchen Cabinets with luminescent lamps looks futuristic. Futura futuristic doors are of very different sizes. Adorned with contrasting rolled aluminum finish Wenge horizontal surfaces. 1.5 mm thick laminated fine-tuned and opaque is 0.9 mm thick.

Ebony kitchen with geometric shapes dominates uses grained wood stretches 11.05.10

MK Cucine designs a new natural kitchen design with its hard and large size. The Ebony contemporary kitchen from MK Cucine is an optical feast for you. MK Cucine uses grained wood stretches repeated with unique patterns in this contemporary kitchen intricately. This kitchen equipped with geometric shapes dominates, uninterrupted by distractions, encouraging the spotlight and the beauty of the natural material. You May Love:uses of wood

The sensual feminine lines designed women kitchen style by Aster Cucine 10.25.10

Aster Cucine creates a new contemporary kitchen with sensual lines. The sensual lines of the Domina kitchen by Aster Cucine are especially designed with women’s mind. This contemporary kitchen design works to control the space surrounds us with feminine lines (straighter than masculine lines). The Domina kitchen will change anyone who feels confined or intimidated by the usual rigidity of contemporary kitchen designs.

great relief of the kitchen islands in general linear lean cuisine 10.16.10

Go on a culinary adventure and be inspired by the island itself La Cucina Alessi by Alessandro Mendini and cook Gabriele Centazzo embraces her curves and is a great relief of the kitchen islands in general linear lean cuisine.

new kitchen combines dark wood and tall stature precise clean designed in minimal size 10.14.10

Here is a new kitchen design called modus kitchen that combines dark wood and tall stature. This is an iconic kitchen design by Binova. This Modus Kitchen from Binova is precise, clean and well-ordered. This kitchen design is just as kitchens should be. This kitchen design has ingenious use of space that emphasizes the stark, definite lines of this daring kitchen.

Iconic kitchen design with the forms partition the kitchen space of timeless elegance 10.06.10

This Modus Kitchen from Binova is classified into precise, clean and well-ordered kitchen design. The use of space of this kitchen design emphasizes the stark, definite lines of this daring kitchen. We design this minimal kitchen completed with the kitchen units which certainly exude a kind of timeless elegance. The more advantage of this kitchen design is the forms that partition the kitchen space, removing the barriers between kitchen and… Read More »

Pantry or kitchen not only functional but also look beautiful 5.7.10

Pantry or kitchen becomes more beautiful with the presence of some accessories. Choosing and placing. The kitchen is one room that holds a lot of things. That is why many people are reluctant to decorate their kitchen, with displays or accessories, such as in another room. In a book titled Practical Ideas for Kitchen and bathroom to say that there are two things to note about the kitchen. Not only… Read More »