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best compact kitchen for smal apartments to create comfortable work area 020710

Designed by Kristin Ebelt Laass and Norman from Germany, the project is a smart-called “Small-Type” and has a wonderful ability and very practical interior installation in almost any kind, no matter how small. Measuring only one square meter when closed, this compact kitchen serves as a desk, refrigerator, oven, sink and storage space.

functional kitchen feature moving parts as an innovative interior design

With a focus on designing a modern kitchen to re-evaluate what really makes a functional kitchen, Electrolux Icon equipment and Interior Design Magazine is holding a competition with 110 thousand dollars on the phone.

elegant water tap from Milano Kitchen by Peter Klint 12.03.10

look at the photos of elegant water tap, the Milano Kitchen by Peter Klint is portable that fits on the outside to access your family and friends at a brunch on Sundays or public meetings. Outdoor cooking is fun and exciting, especially when you boil all the materials we need most is the kitchen clean, elegant and stylish. elegant water tap from Milano Kitchen offers style drawers, space for kitchen… Read More »

Solid Stone rocky Luxury kitchen island by French architect perfected for the modern culinary space 9.11.10

A rocky island with a very long solid at these photos is an attractive modern design by French architect. If you want to make a style statement of luxury, not a luxury island is awesome just says it all? Pictured here in a mansion designed by a friend Jouin based in Paris, this aerial photo shows the raw slab of natural forces in your decorating space.

Modern kitchen Effeti Available in Blue kitchen designed by Giancarlo Vegni 5.8.10

Modern kitchen Effeti expand your tastes in food. new trends in kitchens with modern lines makes it looks neat. There are several examples of images of modern kitchen design with minimalist design. Available Blue kitchen, kitchen set of yellow and white modern kitchen sinks collections of photos. The second new concept is what is actually in the kitchen in the year 2010.