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small kitchen in little apartment gives living space for young girl 11.11.10

This project cool logos and part of their kitchen and home series. The goal was a living space for a young girl, a spacious and comfortable apartment wanted to do. And it’s not in the kitchen much, so they wanted a kitchen that take up very little space. The result of what lay behind the doors orange range.

wooden kitchen that warm and cozy atmosphere closely with nature 8.11.10

Valcucine Italian companies are always surprises and surprising us with its original design the kitchen. Each new kitchen made by them is a step forward in the production kitchen. Its latest kitchen, Noce Tattile, is one more demonstration of that. For that designers have been rejected from time Valcucine synthetic varnishes and has selected these naturalness.

stunning kitchen design has a large round ball on the table 8.10.10

While wondering at the Salone del Mobile in the kitchen we could not help seeing this superb and stunning kitchen design. Viewed by the color palette you can say the kitchen is quite simple. But in fact we rarely see such variety in the design space used mainly for cooking. Compact work areas are aesthetically and functionally.