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Modular Work kitchen Island with thin stainless steel shelves for Contemporary Kitchen 1.3.11

Italian manufacturer of Modular Work kitchen Island, modern Thin stainless steel shelves kitchens Elmar made several attractive in its catalog. The kitchen is a fantastic combination of stainless steel surfaces and wood, which looks very elegant. Model system is characterized by a series of reforms EL_01 other dishes.

Romantic kitchen with LED integrated by Futura Cucine 12.29.10

This stainless steel surface is in perfect harmony with the plate integrated basin is very small. The work plan is more surprising and original in this kitchen. pine shelves LED integrated kitchen design has been brushed interior fresh and pleasant, or to create a romantic atmosphere. that is Romantic kitchen with LED integrated by Futura Cucine from hote-ls.com

kitchen island K7 adjustable height shelves available in seven types of natural wood 9.13.10

Talk about a custom kitchen! The nice thing about the kitchen island K7 adjustable height shelves – no matter who is doing the cooking, the automatic cool island to bring to the table (or down) to your level. Lowered, the peak is ideal for kids and casual dining. Raised the counter for convenient food preparation area. At the highest things, K7 makes a bar great for entertaining or eating on… Read More »

fridge, shelves, cooking area is hidden covered by sliding door 8.10.10

This is definitely one of the main kitchen attraction in Milan Design Week 2010. Now we’re just saying this from a subjective point of view and waiting for your response. However, would not you want to have a kitchen where everything is hidden (fridge, shelves, cooking area) with a very cool look at the door?