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minimalist kitchen cabinets design Flex 1 modern Italian kitchen from Strato 01.30.11

this minimalist kitchen cabinets design by Marco Gorini and the architect Simone Micheli, a modern Italian kitchen Flex 1 from Strato has been built to meet the changing needs of the modern kitchen fanatic. Flex 1 kitchen has a minimalist style, elegant stainless steel frame made in one piece and with a satin finish. You May Love:kitchen design

italian kitchen style from Valcucin has clean lines for modern kitchen 01.22.11

Do you need some inspiration for your kitchen? here are some picture from Italian manufacturer Valcucin. they has some great kitchen designs that you can see in their portfolio. The different panels and materials yield a range of nicely styled kitchens. they are doing well for decorating color schemes.

Italian modern kitchens designed large scale made from cord glossy lacquer glass and ebony 10.28.10

Poliform creates Italian Kitchen Design, with great specification. This design will make your dream to get comfort kitchens comes true. This super modular kitchen gives everything you could need in a kitchen. All of this design are presented in the most stylish and versatile possible way. This kitchen is designed on a large scale, and offers wide surfaces and loads of storage. Using minimalist and contemporary style this kitchen gives… Read More »

natural lava stone, wood, steel and aluminium achieves geometrical harmony Italian white kitchen design 9.30.10

this super modern KITCHEN DESIGN is released by Cof Cucine. this kitchen design sues natural lava stone, wood, steel and aluminium the segmento achieves a provocative geometrical harmony. this kitchen is inspired by straight bold linearity. there is a pan supporting over the hobs that comes from a particularly noticeable element. it is interpreted as a structure made from elongated lines. this segmento kitchen show cases the logic of the… Read More »

kitchen is home more entertaining cool Kitchens Italian Style by Arclinea 9.6.10

kitchen remodeling – modern kitchens, cabinets, islands and accessories are some outstanding that in this years are reviewed. Those things would make our kitchen designs more entertaining and cooking become more pleasurable experience. Among the number of product from several company, Arclinea is the best I have seen. A small sampling of their offerings are displayed here. These are sampling designed by Antonio Citterio, a man who is seriously passionate… Read More »

Italian kitchen manufacturer play of contrasts and asymmetric shapes

Stosa is the Italian kitchen manufacturer, which offers as modern as the traditional model of a very high quality. This year has enriched many Stosa modern kitchen with four beautiful new collection. You May Love:italian kitchen

classical Italian renaissance Kitchens create warm and ambience

Is a manufacturer Snaidero Italian kitchen, with a lot of design inspiration for all types of interior styles. He offers a very modern model as a comfortable kitchen classic. We’ve posted about some of the contemporary collection, but now we want to show the elegance of the collection of Florence.

modern kitchen design available in some exotic woods, including teak, ebony, and zebra

Italian design modern kitchen cabinet was never as good as with the clean concealable sliding doors MK Style Extra 2004. I am very impressed with thick panels are free from excessive details tend to clutter and capture of design rather than add to it. You May Love:design kitchens, modern kitchen design, teak kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchens

Urban kitchen design with elegant and modern style from Copat

Urban kitchen design with elegant and modern style from Copat. This urban design team of multi-laminar kitchen Kos teak kitchen with black lacquer Salina model. in stainless steel features a double sink is connected to the shelf parts, stainless steel handle kitchen tidy, and stainless steel extractor hood. You May Love:modern kitchens, modern kitchen designs, kitchen modern, Kitchen designs

round countertops in round kitchen designs by Pedini italian kitchens

round countertops in round kitchen designs by Pedini italian kitchens. one of the first to develop a European concept of modular kitchens. new trends of design round countertops Pedini kitchen are rounded. They provide an important design for contemporary kitchens. You May Love:kitchen design, circular kitchen island, kitchen island designs, italian kitchens