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New Mantra from Logica System Kitchen with nanotechnology 03.22.11

This is New Mantra from Logica System Kitchen with nanotechnology. The kitchen appliances are the dish-drainer, weighing scales, small appliances, removable cooking receptacles, bottle-racks, power sockets, a monitor, a kitchen roll holder, the tap, hooks for utensils and even a cooker hood. The work surface is scratch resistance can be treated with nanotechnology and hob SMEG be camouflaged with the same glass used for the counter.

kitchen designer for Scavolini use light oak as kitchen table and chair 01.16.11

Marcello Cutino design tribe kitchen, an kitchen designer for Scavolini. He can give some fresh detail in this modern kitchens. he can mix of different cultures and try to implemented in the Tribe. Its color, shapes and materials is special. The structure is light oak, as the table, chair and stools.

modern Kitchen with microwave integrated and built-in cooler by Armani 12.28.10

The bridge is a magnificent result of a collaboration between Armani and long cooking group of the leading manufacturers of kitchens, Dada.It is designed to provide a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere in any kitchen. This series consists of several parts: the hot and cold microwave integrated, with cupboards, refrigerator and built-in cooler for a vineyard and the breadbasket of storage needs. You May Love:built in microwave

Contemporary kitchen available in oak beech European cherry American walnut and black cherry 11.02.10

Schulte Design creates an enduringly popular design and brings us the new Grace 2 kitchen – a contemporary kitchen. New Grace 2 kitchen is made by Schulte Design in impressive form use of solid wood. The new Grace 2 kitchen is passionate design which practical German contemporary design is conceived by Franz-Josef Schulte. Through their design Schulte design offers all the counter space you need. In this design island opens… Read More »

Natural and Minimalist Kitchen with gorgeous teak and walnut finishes 10.27.10

Caesar is a natural and minimalist kitchen Yara. This design is defined by straight lines and uninterrupted wood surfaces. Minimalist style means that the kitchen Yara excludes unnecessary details, but retains the core friendly. Here we see a kitchen with beautiful teak and walnut. The minimalist approach of Yara is the beautiful, natural wood grain in the center. You May Love:teak kitchen cabinets

Modern classic kitchen design based on a huge, iconic Yin Yang symbol with black and white area 10.06.10

Here is a wonderful kitchen design the Yin Yang kitchen by Stefan Price for Evitavonni that has an Eastern-inspired cleverness and simplicity. This kitchen design is based on a huge, iconic yin yang symbol. There are two kinds of areas; black and white area. The round hob punctuate the black area and round sink for white area. These two black and white sides represent opposing yet complementary qualities that are… Read More »