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Italian Antique refrigerator Made in cherry wood Lebanese cedar and mahogany 11.16.10

If anything in the kitchen like Italian Antique refrigerator Modern look with glass shelves, and other fun details, such as portholes and claw foot legs, would certainly be that either! And believe us, even if they look old, there is absolutely nothing in the old refrigerator Meneghini.

Tennessee walnut pale wood natural in tabletop and showcase cabinets with warm magnolia finish 9.30.10

here us a harmonious and soothing kitchen. this is classic FS/orland from LEICHT. we design this in an easy on the eye design. this stunning, naturally colored kitchen is designed in a perfect purpose creating a peaceful breathing space in the kitchen. we call this as a great achievement of kitchen design. we use Tennessee walnut that is the pale wood that repeats in the tabletop and the showcase cabinets.… Read More »

studio kitchen ideas for small spaces stylish storage space with sliding doors by Fendi Casa 8.7.10

Call it “culinary couture” – Fendi has sashayed from the runway and into the kitchen with the latest decorating business. In true European fashion, the kitchen was closed by Fendi Casa is the best multifunction. Ideal for small town homes, condos Lofts compact and cool place in the premium space, this kitchen for small spaces multifunctional best. You May Love:studio kitchens

Exotic Asian Kitchen with various models of kitchen cabinets

Exotic Asian Kitchen Interior Design Architecture with colorful themes. The combination of blue and white cabinets are perfect for a more modern kitchen, and offers a glimpse of winter charm. Snowy speckled floor adds character, and glass shelves and frosted doors finish looks fresh. You May Love:asian kitchen