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kitchen design styles for large kitchen design ideas by Casa Fendi 11.16.10

kitchen design styles for tight spaces are no longer a problem. To achieve this large kitchen design ideas of his great house dreams, so each apartment can reduce a wide range of benefits to the furniture needs of the most beautiful costumes. This Concealed Kitchen from Casa Fendi is particularly elegant.

low environmental impact kitchens inspired by beauty of Javanese teak 10.24.10

Valcucine designs using high quality materials and high technology, are key elements of modern kitchens Artematica. Simple and clean lines and attention to creating sustainable, low environmental impact kitchens (with recycling of light elements) are Valcucine priorities. Artematica kitchen Kembali appearance, and the name is inspired by the beauty of Javanese teak. However Kembali kitchen is actually a multi-laminar wood to complete the contemporary look of steel and high gloss… Read More »