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technology kitchen concept with touch digital screen for future kitchen 01.26.11

technology kitchen is expanding now, just like This futuristic kitchen. this technology kitchen concept design was created by Sebastian Poupeau. If we see in detail this kitchen remind us with an Apple product, a sleek, clean lines, and of course spectacular, but this design is a nice futuristic kitchen that offers a food cutting area, to operate the cooker we use digital screen enabling the equipment, listen to music. even… Read More »

black and white kitchen meet in 19 inch LCD flat screen TV and a digital tuner vent 10.16.10

Technology and the need is great, when they are combined to make our lives better. Faber has a nice touch to the modern black and white kitchen with everything, or almost. The Imago is an elegant, modern meet in a 19-inch LCD flat screen TV and a digital tuner vent. The system also provides Internet, video telephony, on revenues edge, media player and a USB port for expanded capabilities.