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white on white kitchen with full height handles on the cupboards by Ernestomeda 01.18.11

Ernestomeda introduce a new white on white kitchen collection called Emetrica. This kitchen has white elegant lines, authentic textures, slender thicknesses and personalization. Ernestomeda designs not only very simple but also details. For example, there are full height handles on the cupboards blend with furnishings still make convenience and design. You May Love:white kitchens, cupboard

thermal coffee maker new Brew Express wall mounted has SCAA standard 01.12.11

a cup of coffee to start your day. with this thermal coffee maker you can easily make great coffee. The new Brew Express is the first Built-In-The-Wall or wall mounted drip Coffee Maker. Lance Larkin design This direct plumbed coffee maker with thermal carafe and follow the standards set of Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to give ultimate experience in convenience and style. You May Love:wall mounted coffee maker

Wood Stove Classic cooktop can be stylish an elegant 11.30.10

while kitchen design increasing, we still have Wood Stove Classic cooktop, we rarely see this classic kitchen tools that our ancient relatives have in the past just like to wooden stove. But once you know the stove booty Yanes, prefer to say, wood stoves is never fashionable. Today and enjoy the convenience of electric ovens, gas ranges, etc

Modern Omnia kitchen use natural oak or grey oak furniture by Bontempi 10.31.10

The Omnia kitchen is a distinctive kitchen design which has many great features for you. Modern kitchen from Bontempi is kitchen design with fabulous kitchens like the Omnia, it’s not surprising. Bontempi is a well-established manufacturer of fitted kitchens which is an Italian company enjoying great success throughout Europe, the USA and the Far East. The kitchen is iconic look of sleek surfaces and its minimalist cupboards is adaptable to… Read More »

Italian modern kitchens designed large scale made from cord glossy lacquer glass and ebony 10.28.10

Poliform creates Italian Kitchen Design, with great specification. This design will make your dream to get comfort kitchens comes true. This super modular kitchen gives everything you could need in a kitchen. All of this design are presented in the most stylish and versatile possible way. This kitchen is designed on a large scale, and offers wide surfaces and loads of storage. Using minimalist and contemporary style this kitchen gives… Read More »

black and white kitchen meet in 19 inch LCD flat screen TV and a digital tuner vent 10.16.10

Technology and the need is great, when they are combined to make our lives better. Faber has a nice touch to the modern black and white kitchen with everything, or almost. The Imago is an elegant, modern meet in a 19-inch LCD flat screen TV and a digital tuner vent. The system also provides Internet, video telephony, on revenues edge, media player and a USB port for expanded capabilities.

Modern minimalism design with picture from the bright colors in this kitchen design 10.07.10

This modern minimalism interior design is really amazing. It gives the scene minimalism. Moreover the protagonists are the optical effects. You will get a picture from the bright colors in this kitchen design. The picture is the long windows that let nature. We also give space in another area for relaxation. It is a relaxation long aquarium that gives an exotic and spectacular environment.