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modern touchless kitchen tap with hands in gesture sensor designed by Jasper Dekker

modern touchless kitchen tap modern touchless kitchen tap is great It is magic. Yes, it is magic trick number 420. This is really a magic that control temperature, flow, speed, steam to your water flow. Even this trick is restricted to kitchen, this product remains amazing. This product is also called a prototype built with an enclosure you will love modern touchless kitchen tap

modern kitchen faucet furniture easy control temperature water named Tempdot 04.30.11

modern kitchen faucet furniture modern kitchen faucet furniture is great If you are looking for a great faucet for your great kitchen area, if you are looking for a modern faucet for your modern kitchen style, this dot will be the perfect solution for you all. This is a modern technology of faucet that is designed digitally working. This product can also give you all of temps in dot form.… Read More »

No More No Less faucet with LCD screen for control 04.02.11

I can absolutely say that this “No More No Less” faucet is really awesome. This product is called No More No Less a quantitative tap. This has ability to pre-measures the amount of water you’d like to come out of it. This product is designer by a great designer namely Jasper Hou. He makes this product in fantasy of cooking pleasure a reality with no more no less.