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new concept and innovative design for a drinking glass from Molo Design 10.15.10

How often do you see a truly innovative design for a drinking glass? Molo Design has a new concept with cool Float series, which has suspended your favorite drink or dessert in a visually appealing manner. It is true that the shape of the glass may be some positive features to forgo the pleasure of a martini or a breath of good red wine. You May Love:innovative design

Contemporary Kitchen Sliding Island Top and Movable Storage Wall ideal venue for a cocktail party 9.29.10

strato again releases a contemporary kitchen. this Layer 031 will adjuts to your style. this kitchen design is designed by Marco Gorini. we compose this kitchen in 2 essential blocks: a moveable wall and a central island. we try to share the space and the pleasure of being together through this logical design. this kitchen is not only gorgeous to look but also to use. spending time in this contemporary‚Ķ Read More »