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kitchen designer for Scavolini use light oak as kitchen table and chair 01.16.11

Marcello Cutino design tribe kitchen, an kitchen designer for Scavolini. He can give some fresh detail in this modern kitchens. he can mix of different cultures and try to implemented in the Tribe. Its color, shapes and materials is special. The structure is light oak, as the table, chair and stools.

minimalist simple shapes straight lines and Cobalt Finish Kitchen Design By Scic 12.30.10

This year, SCIC has a new minimalist simple shapes kitchen with the best straight lines features of CICS collections in total. This area attracts attention with its minimalist design and unusual surfaces. As with most minimalist kitchen, without handles and characterization of simple shapes and straight lines.

Mediterranean minimalism kitchen Using porphyry stone cedar wood and steel 10.25.10

The Nuova Atelier Kitchen by Minotti is the kitchen design which taking minimalism to a whole new level, uses only natural materials to create an air of precisely ordered serenity. Minotti apply a simplistic and quite ingenious design in this kitchen. Here Minotti have created an imposing atmosphere and befitting a monastery. The Nuova Atelier kitchen is made of cool, composed natural stone which gives classic nuance in the kitchen.… Read More »