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Modern Kitchen wooden base right angles contrasting high gloss set wooden storage units 11.03.10

Leicht creates an artistic kitchen design that comes as the beautiful modern art. The Largo FG Highline is a modern kitchen from that fully of classic work of art. This design is consist of linear units intersect in unexpected ways. It means that the Largo FG has many features which constantly surprises and challenges the viewers include you to bring this kitchen design to your own home. You May Love:contrasting… Read More »

automated kitchen island with height adjustable worktop creates cocktail bar atmosphere 11.01.10

The flexible height of the worktop in the K7 Kitchen by Team 7 is just one of the intriguing features of this gorgeous and automated kitchen island. The automated worktop of this kitchen design is certainly a creative and useful idea. This worktop designed the lowest height which is perfect for children and regular. Besides it’s also slightly raised height is at a level which makes food preparation easier and… Read More »