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Eco friendly Plug is saving energy by Insic Wall Socket 03.28.11

Here is released for you all a great product innovation in term of electricity by Insic Wall Socket. This is an encouragement plug for environment. That is how it is called. This product is designed and is produced to be friendly. You can access the power by this plug. But this is not only functioning as that. What is more of this product? When you use this plug you are… Read More »

innovative portable small fridges saving energy consumption for cooling 11.09.10

Refrigeration of food consumes a large amount of energy (about 21 percent) in the average household. Saving energy consumption for cooling, developed the concept German designer Stefan Ulrich refrigerator, energy crops kitchen scraps and used for cooling through an innovative combination of new materials.

environmentally friendly washing machines Miele and Baumatic Ombra is saving energy 11.07.10

A modern kitchen really needs a dishwasher in the area, just in case your daily dose of dirty dishes a bit is that you can handle. You did not in this particular appliance all the time, but if you dont have a party or a family dinner, you will certainly appreciate its existence. And the more energy your dishwasher is really the more you use it. Miele and Whirlpool are… Read More »