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White Black Kitchen Designs picture ideas from Salvarani 12.17.10

Long Line is the recently updated White Black Kitchen Salvarani famous model Designs picture ideas designed in 1971 and is now in the MOMA in New York. The kitchen can be built elements in the rays of light that highlights the formation of linear and clean cut. Renewal is in the modern sense. The kitchen is painted stainless steel surfaces and black laminate.

neutral tones kitchen Contrasting glossy white and matt black pantry from Salvarani 11.04.10

Sophisticated, neutral tones sooth your senses in the Pk kitchen, a contemporary kitchen from Salvarani. Contrasting glossy white and matt black pantry and storage spaces combine effortlessly with stainless steel surfaces, bringing a feeling of harmony to this very contemporary kitchen look. Simplicity is the order of the day, with straightforward details such as stainless steel edging on units, along with minimalist, uncomplicated handles which emphasize functionality.

Contemporary kitchen equipped by high gloss storage cupboards contrast with matt island in linear 10.29.10

Here Salvarani Cucine creates the Grande Cuisine kitchen. It is a contemporary kitchen which represents the best of Italian kitchen design today from a company with 40 years of experience. Salvarani show the clever combination of style and functionality makes the name Salvarani synonymous with good taste. The Grande Cuisine kitchen is a modern and geometric appeal based on rectangular units with smart integrated handles. The ingenious of this design… Read More »