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best frying pan with Pouring Made design by William and Alex Thompson

best frying pan with Pouring best frying pan with Pouring is great Here we are a new technology applied to the pan for easily cooking meals. This great technology is named as Pouring made E-Z. This product designed by William Thompson and Alex Thompson. This product really different from any other pan in the world. Its designed to solve the problem of cooking using small pan like this one you… Read More »

New modern product design kitchenware apple teapot

New modern product design New modern product design is great Here is a new product that is given a name apple teapot. This appeal teapot is designed by Sungkuk park. This teapot design is designed to be different and special that other products. It is a teapot that comes in apple shape. It looks cute and fun. It offers functionality and fashion. This product can be called as a pot… Read More »

Draining your peas with rubberized mold by Wei Min 02.16.11

You will never imagine before the great kitchen item called as draining your peas by Wei Min. This is really an amazing kitchen product design. This product is so flexible strainer mesh. It has an ability on embedded in a rubberized mold. Snugly on the rim of any pot or pan is fitted to the rubberized mold. The advantage of this product design is on the ability allowing you to… Read More »

solid wood kitchen island slides open with powerful magnetic field by Schulte Grace German 9.13.10

Designing “smart space” is as important as designing a style – that much can be said when it comes to the kitchen. The Schulte Grace German designer kitchen island by Franz-Josef Schulte make beautiful practicality. It uses a rich contemporary design, solid wood kitchen island which slides open to reveal a sleek cook top is operated via powerful magnetic field that responds when the pot is placed on the stovetop.… Read More »

Modern Digital rice cooker for future kitchen by Sang Jang Lee

new revolution started cooking, designer Sang Jang Lee invented the digital stove design that will make your dishes more delicious. The Rice Cooker get with a simple design having concave pedal on top of the pot, which is the center of activity. You May Love:rice cooker, digital rice cooker, modern rice cooker