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kithen hood with blue LED backlighting from Italy by Toncelli 12.14.10

Exclusive Tnoncelli has a kithen hood with automatic positioning and hidden behind the plate. It is equipped with blue LED backlighting gives a great emotional power and futuristic look. Wind is another important impressive Italian kitchen design manufacturers Toncelli. The island is 84 centimeters tall, while the cooking surface of the quartz is 72cm high and 3 cm from the working surface of the gray stone.

concave wall Elica collection kitchen vent hoods with stunning stylish systems from Zephyr 9.7.10

wanting something different for your kitchen design? Or you want to find another unique kitchen design ideas? This could be the best solution of you, a ventilation setup from Zephyr. Elica collection designed by David Lewis is the concave wall. This futuristic styling of vent hood featuring brushed metal with offset in blue will never be beaten by anythings.

Add a nice vent hood in your kitchen design for small kitchen design renovation 9.4.10

Venting range is the most often overlooked aspect of kitchen. Many mundane vent hoods of kitchen design that serve a purpose, but they rarely consider that aspect of your kitchen. This ceiling can be added some design since it is one of static part in the kitchen. A great stainless steel example from Ventahood is here. This stainless steel will help your kitchen look clean. Looking at the picture theā€¦ Read More »

Cool Range Hoods with fun design and futuristic color 9.2.10

This is the coolest range hoods that are available on the market today, a kitchen range hoods by Barriviera Cappe. Shown are the hoods from Barriviera’s Modern and Design Lines. For the entire range of cool designs visit Appliancist.