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glass for dining table set with chairs designed in PING-PONG size 02.03.11

If you’re looking for glass for dining table set with chairs and elegant home dining, this PING-PONG size dining table designed by Hunn Wai is smooth, heavy planes give18th century neo-classical furniture. Design in officially-sized ping-pong table, the long, rectangular vase filled with flowers contributions may serve as a center table arrangement flower shop or a network in a big game especially table tennis.

kitchen design layouts secret to remodeling old kitchen is functional layout 01.23.11

Design your kitchen layout is fun. start from choose paint colors for your kitchen wall to choose the best lighting. Maybe you can browse to get new kitchen layouts idea, or just hiring a professional kitchen designer. You can get information how to give light your kitchen. No matter you are remodeling old kitchen or designing new kitchen for your home, the secret key to kitchen design is Having functional… Read More »

kitchen lounge concept modium kitchen combination living room illuminated by standing lamp 10.05.10

here we are a new and different concept of kitchen design. this kitchen design brings the kitchen and lounge concept into one terrific look. this is called MODIUM kitchen by Kitche concept. by this concept, we dont need to delineate rooms according to their purposes. we make kitchen like the heart of the home. this kitchen also make us proud to welcome guests deep into out homes and entertain them.… Read More »

kitchen entertainment system with flat screen TV and hi-fi and natural panels in light or dark finishes 10.05.10

This kitchen design is really perfect and precise future design according to SieMatic S1 kitchen. This kitchen design is breathtakingly linear and astonishingly direct. Owning this kitchen design will make you leave with no excuse for not getting down to the task of creating culinary masterpieces. This is really a surprisingly amazing design. We can have everything in its place in the heart of the home, the kitchen, the place… Read More »

LED kitchen lighting sense to make wider space

LED lighting modern home perfect for most lighting applications kitchen. LED lighting kitchen design can be changed to make your kitchen feel more spacious rooms. Ideally, kitchen lighting kitchen design should aim to strike a balance: to be bright and precisely positioned to provide good lighting, especially around the office like a stove, sink and food preparation areas, but without seeming too loud. You May Love:kitchen lighting, led kitchen lighting